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Ehime University
Institute for Education and Student Support

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Associate Professor, Institute for Education and Student Support, Ehime University
Apr 2016
Mar 2019
Senior Assistant Professor, Institute for Education and Student Support, Ehime University
Apr 2012
Mar 2016
Assistant Professor, United Graduate School of Child Development, Osaka University
Mar 2011
Mar 2016
Assistant Professor, Research Center for Child Mental Development, Kanazawa University
May 2010
Mar 2011
Research Fellow, Research Center for Child Mental Development, Kanazawa University

Published Papers

Characteristics of communication among Japanese children with autism spectrum disorder: A cluster analysis using the Children’s Communication Checklist-2.
Tanaka, S. Oi, M., Fujino, H. Kikuchi., M., Yoshimura, Y., Miura, Y., Tsujii, M., & Ohoka, H.
Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics   31(1) 234-249   2017   [Refereed]
Young children’s early sensitivity to linguistic indications of speaker certainty in their selective word learning.
Matsui, T., Yamamoto, T., Miura, Y., McCagg, P. (2016)
1675(176) 83-96   2016   [Refereed]
Long-term administration of intranasal oxytocin for adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder and comorbid intellectual disabilities: a randomized pilot study.
Munesue,T., Nakamura, H., Kikuchi, M., Miura, Y., Takeuchi, N., Anme, T., Nanba, E., Adachi, K., Tsubouchi, K., Sai, S. Miyamoto, K., Horike, S., Yokoyama, S., Nakatani, H., Niida, Y., Kosaka, K., Minabe, Y., Higashida, H. (2016).
Frontiers in Psychiatry   21(7:02)    2016   [Refereed]
Causes of academic and behavioral difficulties among Japanese-Brazilian students: cognitive, linguistic and parental education factors.
Konda, Y., Miura, Y., & Oi, M.
Multilingual Education   5(2) 1-17   2015   [Refereed]