Yusuke Iizuka

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Yusuke Iizuka
Kyoto University

Published Papers

Tumour volume comparison between 16-row multi-detector computed tomography and 320-row area-detector computed tomography in patients with small lung tumours treated with stereotactic body radiotherapy: Effect of respiratory motion
Yusuke Iizuka
European Journal of Radiology   117 120-125   Aug 2019   [Refereed]
Optimization of a newly defined Target Volume in Fiducial Marker-based Dynamic Tumor-tracking Radiotherapy
Yusuke Iizuka
Physics and Imaging in Radiation Oncology. 2017 Oct;4:1-5   4 1-5   Oct 2017   [Refereed]
Iizuka Y, Matsuo Y, Ishihara Y, Akimoto M, Tanabe H, Takayama K, Ueki N, Yokota K, Mizowaki T, Kokubo M, Hiraoka M
Radiotherapy and Oncology   117(3) 496-500   2015   [Refereed]
Iizuka Y, Yoshimura M, Inokuchi H, Matsuo Y, Nakamura A, Mizowaki T, Hirano S, Kitamura M, Tateya I, Hiraoka M.
Acta Otolaryngologica   135(1) 96-102   2015   [Refereed]
The first experience of dynamic tumor tracking stereotactic body radiotherapy for a liver tumor with real-time monitoring
Stereotactic Radiotherapy   18 9-16   2014
Iizuka Y, Matsuo Y, Umeoka S, Nakamoto Y, Ueki N, Mizowaki T, Togashi K, Hiraoka M.
European Journal of Radiology   83(11) 2087-2092   2014   [Refereed]
Comparison between the different doses of radioactive iodine ablation prescribed in patients with intermediate‑to‑high‑risk differentiated thyroid cancer
Yusuke Iizuka

Conference Activities & Talks

Real-time tumor-tracking and breath hold SBRT for moving target [Invited]
Yusuke Iizuka
The 4th Japan-China-Korea trilateral symposium   12 May 2018   
3D and 4D dose calculations for tumor-tracking irradiation of lung/liver tumors using gimbaled linac [Invited]
Yusuke Iizuka
European Society for radiotherapy and oncology 37   3 May 2016   
Clinical result of dynamic tumor-tracking stereotactic body radiotherapy with real-time monitoring for liver tumors using a gimbal mounted linac
Yusuke Iizuka
The 5th Japan-Taiwan Radiation Oncology Symposium   20 Mar 2017