SAMPSON Richard James

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SAMPSON Richard James
Gunma University
Job title
PhD(Griffith University), Masters(University of Southern Queensland), Bachelor(University of South Australia)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Gunma University 

Published Papers

Fostering Reflection: Helping Language Learners (and Teachers) to Take (and Release) Control
SAMPSON Richard James
Learning Learning   25(2) 32-35   Nov 2018   [Refereed]
Expectations and Dreams: Industry and Student Ideas about Future English Use
Richard J. Sampson
OnCUE Journal   10(1) 21-28   2017
Openness to messages about English as a foreign language: Working with learners to uncover purpose to study
Richard J. Sampson
Language Teaching Research   1-17.   2017
Out of a Rut: Experiencing Authenticity in Presenting Research
Richard J. Sampson
Explorations in Teacher Development   24(1) 2-5.   2017
EFL teacher motivation in-situ: Co-adaptive processes, openness and relational motivation over interacting timescales
Richard J. Sampson
Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching   6(2) 293-318   2016
Closing the Circle: What happens after students return from studying abroad?
Richard Sampson Sylvain Bergeron
CUE CIRCULAR   1 10-12.   2016
Investigating Industry's Needs for English ― Survey Results on the Importance of English -
Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Barry Keith & Richard Sampson
2016 Japanese Society for Engineering Education Conference Proceedings   466-467   2016
Sampson, Richard J.
SYSTEM   50 10-20.   2015
Absorbed Expectations about English Study of Adolescent Japanese Students: Insights to the Ought-to L2 Self
Richard J. Sampson
The Language Teacher   39(5) 3-8.   2015
Classroom Application of the L2 Motivational Self System - A Complex Systems Theory Approach
Richard J. Sampson
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Thesis   1-365   2014
Review of 'Identity, motivation, and autonomy in language learning'
Richard J. Sampson
JALT Journal   35(2) 226-229   2013
Reflexive trajectories: Understandings of societal expectations
Richard James Sampson
COCET Research Reports   32 19-28   2013
Learner diaries in classroom research: Beginnings of a complexity perspective
Richard J. Sampson
The Gunma-Kohsen Review   30 83-89   2012
Richard J. Sampson
Language Teaching Research   16(3) 313-331   2012
Complexity theory, action research, and the study of EFL learner motivation.
Richard J. Sampson
OnCUE Journal   5(1) 24-36   2011
A self-in-context approach to TOEIC test preparation
Richard J. Sampson
The Gunma-Kohsen Review   29 37-48   2011
Richard J. Sampson
RELC Journal   41(3) 283-299   2010
Considerations for activity and task selection in Japanese elementary school English lessons
Richard J. Sampson
The Language Teacher   34(1) 25-29   2010
Utilizing film to enhance student discussion of sociocultural issues
Richard J. Sampson
ITESLJ      2009

Books etc

STRETCHING BOUNDARIES: Papers from the Third International Psychology of Language Learning Conference, Tokyo, Japan. 7-10 June, 2018
SAMPSON Richard James
IAPLL   2018   
ELT Research in Action: Bridging the Gap between Research and Classroom Practice
IATEFL   2018   
Complexity in classroom foreign language learning motivation: A practitioner perspective from Japan
Multilingual Matters   2016   
Doing research within communities: Stories and lessons from language and education fieldwork.
Routledge   2016   

Conference Activities & Talks

Feeling the way forward: Insights from the emotional classroom
Psychology of Language Learning 3   2018   
Simply researching complexity in language learning and teaching
Psychology of Language Learning 3   2018   
Fostering Reflection on Language Learning
Tokyo ETJ Conference 2018   2018   
Messages about English: Absorbed Understandings and Motivation
ELTRIA   2017   
Motivation and acting on the hopes of classmates
43rd Japan Association of Language Teachers International Conference   2017   
Fostering an English communication community: Affordances and constraints in practice
NEAR 2017   2017   
Exploring Motivation in the Classroom
JALT Gunma   2017   
Exploring the Ought-to L2 Self with Students
42nd Japan Association of Language Teachers International Conference   2016   
Co-constructing motivating spaces: Transitioning to new classrooms
NEAR Language Conference   2016   
Investigating Industry's Needs for English― Survey Results on the Importance of English -
Japanese Society for Engineering Education   2016   
Student Awareness of the Expectations of Others about EFL Learning
TESOL International Association   2015   
Self-Organising Motivation to Foster Communication
41st Japan Association of Language Teachers International Conference   2015   
EFL Teacher Identity, Motivation and Affect: Emergent Influences from the Classroom
EFL Teacher Journeys Conference   2015   
Outside in: What is 'brought in' to the language learning classroom?
39th JALT Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning   2013   
"Today was something special" - Emergent classroom motivation
40th JACET Summer Seminar   2013   
Self on Self: Fostering reflective language learning
NEAR Language Conference   2013   
The fostering of workers who merely respond to innovations and globalization means constant catch-up
Kantou-shinetsu region research meeting sponsored by the Institute of National Colleges of Technology   2012   
Where I'm going, where I've been
COCET   2012   
“Studying now isn't for any other person, it's for my own future” - Creating self-relevance.
CUE   2011   

Research Grants & Projects

Other-expectations and motivation in classroom English learning
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2015 - 2017
EFL motivation across university lifespan
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 2014 - 2018