SHIDA Junjiro

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SHIDA Junjiro
Chuo University
Research funding number

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Tokyo University of Social Welfare
Oct 2018
Mar 2019
Learning Support Center, Gakushuin University
Apr 2016
Mar 2019
Research Associate, Faculty of Law, Chuo University
Oct 2016
Mar 2017
Visiting Associate Fellow, Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA
Feb 2016
Mar 2016
Record Schedule Staff, Diplomatic Archives, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


Apr 2014
Mar 2019
Graduate School of Law, Chuo University
Sep 2017
Jun 2018
Political Science Department, Central European University
Apr 2013
Mar 2014
Graduate School of Law, Chuo University
Apr 2009
Mar 2013
Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Chuo University

Awards & Honors

Nov 2017
The Honorable Mention Award, (Dis)continuous Identities: Globalisation, Trauma, Reconciliation, The Liberal Herald's 4th Annual Academic Conference, Slovakia
Sep 2017
The Financial Aid Award, CEU Budapest Foundation, Hungary
May 2014
Oda Shigeru Prize, Japanese Society of International Law
Winner: Junjiro Shida

Published Papers

The Challenges Facing Today's NATO: Dilemma between Collective Defense and Cooperative Security
Junjiro Shida
The Annual Bulletin of the Institute of Social Sciences Chuo University   (23) 269-285   Sep 2019   [Refereed]
George H.W. Bush and the German Unification
Junjiro Shida
Ph.D Dissertation      Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Hybrid Warfare in Theory and Practice
SHIDA Junjiro
The Chuo Law Review   125(9・10) 83-106   Jan 2019
Ukrainian Policy History of the United States
SHIDA Junjiro
Journal of World Affairs   67(1) 144-158   Jan 2019   [Invited]
Seeking Strategic Stability: The US Approach to Mobile ICBMs at the End of the Cold War
SHIDA Junjiro
the Annual Bulletin of the Institute of Policy and Cultural Studies   (20) 53-69   Aug 2017   [Refereed]


The Trump Administration and US Space Security Policy: Its Cooperative Nature
Junjiro Shida
FPC NEWS   (10) 4   Oct 2019
On 'Space Security'
SHIDA Junjiro
FPC NEWS   (9) 4   Jul 2019
Parallel Deal with North Korea? Lessons from Ukraine
Junjiro Shida
North Korean Review Online Blog      Mar 2019
European Politics in 2019: Based upon Developments in the Western Balkans
SHIDA Junjiro
Foreign Policy Center News Letter   (6) 3   Feb 2019
"Western Ukrainian Conflict"?: Its Current Relationship with Hungary
SHIDA Junjiro
Foreign Policy Center News Letter   (5) 3   Dec 2018

Books etc

Yearbook of World Affairs
Mar 2019   
America from Across
Ferenc Szabó (ed.) (Part:Contributor, "America from Japan’s Perspective: Japan’s Evolving Security Policy and the Trump Administration", pp.53-65)
Szeged (e-book)   2019   
The New Sovereignty: Compliance with International Regulatory Agreements
Abram Chayes & Antonia Handler Chayes (Part:Joint Translation, Verification and Monitoring)
Chuo University Press   Mar 2018   
Identities in Flux: Globalisation, Trauma, and Reconciliation
Dagmar Kusá (ed.) (Part:Contributor, “The Clash of Histories: Can Japan and China Overcome Their Historical Dispute?”, pp.170-177)
Bratislava: Gupress   2018   

Conference Activities & Talks

European Security and Economy [Invited]
Junjiro Shida
Tama University, Guest Lecturer   16 Oct 2019   
Intelligence [Invited]
SHIDA Junjiro
Foreign Policy Center   30 Jul 2019   
What is the "Hybrid Warfare"?
SHIDA Junjiro
Chuo University   22 Dec 2018   
Dealing with the "Gray Zone": A Comparative Case Study of Crimea and the Senkakus
SHIDA Junjiro
Thesis Writing Workshop, Security Session, at the Department of Political Science, Central European University, Hungary   8 Mar 2018   
America from Japan’s Perspective: Japan’s Evolving Security Policy and the Trump Administration
SHIDA Junjiro
‘America From Across’ Academic Conference at the University of Szeged, Hungary   2 Dec 2017   

Research Grants & Projects

Japan-US Security Relationship
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan: Japan Internship for the Development of Young Leaders
Project Year: Oct 2016 - Mar 2017    Investigator(s): Junjiro Shida
The George Bush Administration and the German Unification
Chuo University: Iidsuka Takeshi Scholarship
Project Year: May 2014 - Mar 2015    Investigator(s): Junjiro Shida