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Waseda University
Faculty of Science and Engineering
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1992
Mar 1999
Research Scientist, Advanced Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd.
Apr 1999
Mar 2006
Associate Prof., The University of Tokyo
Apr 2006
Sep 2006
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Apr 2006
Mar 2016
Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ.
Apr 2016
Professor, Waseda University


Depeartment of Physics, Waseda Univ.
Waseda Univ.

Research Grants & Projects

Analysis of propagation manners of paramyxoviruses in neural cells.
Both Measles and Nipah virus causes severe acute or late-onset encephalitis in human. In this study, we aimed to investigate the mechanisms of measles and nipah virus spread between neural cells. We established the AMCA (on-chip agarose microchamb...
Development of On-chip Cellomoics Analysis System for Studies on "Community Effect of Cells"
We began a series of studies aimed at developing methods and systems of analyzing epigenetic information in cells, as well as that of genetic information, to expand our understanding of how living systems are determined. Because cells are minimum ...
Mechanisms underlying integration of synaptic plasticity in neuronal networks
Activity-dependent modification of synaptic connections probably plays a key role in both proper network formation during development and learning and memory. Based on the capability of multi-site stimulation, MEA recording was applied to see modi...
Study of Life Science as Complex Systems
We have set up the basis of complex systems biology, to unveil universal features underlying all life systems, by taking a constructive approach, to set up a simple system both experimentally and theoretically.(1)Synthesis of in-vitro artificial r...
Davelopment of Method to Analyse the Function of Regulatory Proteins in Single by Cells by Gene Handling Technique.
Recovery of DNA fragment from a DNA probe array : We have developed a DNA preparation method using a DNA probe array that utilizes photo-thermal denaturation to recover specific DNA. The protocol for preparing DNA probe array was investigated to r...