NODA Hirofumi

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NODA Hirofumi
Osaka University
Graduate School of Science Department of Earth and Space Science
Job title
Assistant Professor

Research Interests


Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Jan 2017
SPDR Research Report Session Poster Award “Prize for Most Popular Poster”, RIKEN
Winner: Noda H
Jan 2017
SPDR Research Report Session Poster Award “Physics I Prize”, RIKEN
Winner: Noda H
Aug 2011
ASTRO-H Summer School 2011 Poster Award
Winner: Noda H

Published Papers

Simionescu A., Nakashima S., Yamaguchi H., Matsushita K., and Mernier F. et al.
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Chen X., Akiyama M., Noda H., and Abdurro'uf et al.
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan      Feb 2019   [Refereed]
Noda H. & Done C.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society   480(3) 3898-3906   Nov 2018   [Refereed]
Hasebe T., Kashima S., Uozumi S., Ishino H., Utsunomiya S. et al.
Proceedings of the SPIE   10698 1069864   Jul 2018
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Books etc

X-ray Studies of the Central Engine in Active Galactic Nuclei with Suzaku
Noda H.
SPRINGER   2016   ISBN:978-981-287-720-8

Conference Activities & Talks

Soft X-ray Excess Variation Driving Changing-Look AGN
Noda H.
Time for Accretion   6 Aug 2018   
Observational Studies of Multi-wavelength Variability from Accretion Flow in AGN [Invited]
Noda H.
The 3rd PANDA Symposium on Time Domain Astronomy and First Results from Insight-HXMT   18 Jun 2018   
Soft X-ray Excess Variation Causing Changing-Look Active Galactic Nucleus
Noda H. & Done C.
Mar 2018   
Thermal Modeling for the Dewar of the Soft X-ray Spectrometer onboard ASTRO-H in Cryogen Free Mode
Noda H., Shirron P., DiPirro M. et al.
Space Cryogenics Workshop   5 Jul 2017   
The Accretion State of the Seyfert NGC 3516 Revealed by Simultaneous X-ray and Optical Monitoring
Noda H., Minezaki T., Watanabe M., Kokubo M., Makishima K.
EWASS 2017   26 Jun 2017   
Hitomi Observations of NGC 1275: The First X-ray Microcalorimeter Spectroscopy of Fe-Kα Lines from an Active Galactic Nucleus
Noda H., Fukazawa Y., Mushotzky R., Reynolds C. & Hitomi collaboration
The X-ray Universe 2017   5 Jun 2017   
Hitomi Results of NGC 1275: The Origin of Fe-Kα Line
Noda H. & Hitomi collaboration
MAXI 7 years: monitoring X-ray transients   5 Dec 2016   
X-ray Observations of Black Holes [Invited]
Noda H.
UK-Japan Frontier of Science (FOS) symposium   6 Nov 2016   
Thermal Analysis for Initial Operations of the Soft X-ray Spectrometer (SXS) onboard ASTRO-H
Noda H., Mitsuda K., Okamoto A. et al.
SPIE 2016   26 Jun 2016   
Pulse Shape Simulations of TES Microcalorimeter with Multi-Layer Absorber by Thermal Desktop/SINDA
Noda H., Hayashi T., Yamasaki N., Mitsuda K.
ISS2015   16 Nov 2015   

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