Research Interests


Researchers with "仏教" in Research Interests

  • Keio University
  • 東洋大学東洋学研究所
  • Ryukoku University
    Faculty of Letters,Department of Shin Buddhism Professor
  • Kokugakuin University
    Organization for the Advancement of Research and DevelopmentThe Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics PD研究員
  • The University of Tokyo
    Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies 教授
  • 京都文教大学
    総合社会学部 総合社会学科 教授
  • Higashinippon International University
    東洋思想研究所 准教授(主任研究員)
  • Osaka Kyoiku University
    教育学部 多文化教育系 社会科教育部門 特任講師
  • Rikkyo University
    Graduate School of Social Design Studies Field of Study: Business Administration in Network and Social Organization Associate Professor
  • Nihon University
    College of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture Project Professor
  • 日本女子大学
    人間社会学部 文化学科 教授
  • Sophia University
    Faculty of Humanities, Department of History Professor
  • Rissho University
    Faculty of Buddhist Studies 特任講師(第Ⅱ種)
  • Kyoto City University of Arts
  • Taisho University
    綜合佛教研究所 研究員
  • Nagoya University
    人文学研究科 研究員
  • Taisho University
    人文学科 副手
  • Ryukoku University
    Faculty of Letters, Department of Buddhist Studies 准教授
  • Asia University
    Faculty of Business Administration Department of Hospitality Management Professor
  • Tohoku University
    文学研究科 准教授
  • Daito Bunka University
    Faculty of International RelationsDepartment of International Cultures
  • 大阪市立大学
    都市文化研究センター 研究員
  • Komazawa University
    Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies 准教授
  • Jissen Women's University
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences professor
  • The University of Tokyo
    人文社会系研究科 准教授
  • Miyagi Gakuin Women's University
    The Institute of Christian Culture 特別研究員