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Nihon University
College of Science and Technology, Department of Transportation Systems Engineering
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1981
Oct 1984
Design Stuff, Civil Engineering Design Division 2nd Design Department, KAJIMA Corporation
Nov 1984
Dec 1985
Construction Stuff, Yokohama Branch, KAJIMA Corporation
Jan 1986
Jan 1989
Design Stuff, Civil Engineering Division, 2nd Design Department, KAJIMA Corporation
Feb 1989
Oct 1989
Design Director, Hiroshima Branch, KAJIMA Corporation
Nov 1989
Oct 1990
Training Stuff, Dywidag Systems International


Apr 1976
Mar 1981
Civil Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University

Awards & Honors

Oct 2006
AKIBA BRIDGE was awarded Good Design Award, AKIBA BRIDGE Good Design Award, Japan Institue of Design Promotion
Winner: KAJIMA Corporation
Required things for designing this bridge were the approach way which connects Akihabara Cross Field and Electrical City was quite simple, ensured matching this bridge to pedestrian network and clear the conditions to connect next buildings and ro...
Apr 2006
Ukiniwabashi, Ukiniwabashi Detail Design Competetion First Prize, Osaka City
Winner: Avan assosiates and Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering
Feb 2005
R Ebis-station Improvement of Spring Design, JR Ebis-station Improvement of Spring Design First Prize, Tokyo Shibuya-ku
Winner: Avan associates Corporation and Land scape design Corporation JV
The Design express the locality of Ebis and give the opportunity to enjoy the many types of expression of water movement. It also consider the people to use the place and pedestrian line of flow.
Mar 2002
Ikeda Hesokko Ohashi, Award of Excellence, Japan Civil Engineers Society, Design Awarde, Japan Civil Engineers Socieity, Aethetic Design Comittee
Winner: KAJIMA Corporation
The design give us cohesive impression, because they are well designed. For example, girder, pier, arch rib and vertical member are designed as the former member is bigger than the latter member. As a result, basic skelton becomes clear and succee...

Published Papers

土木史研究 講演集   38 71-74   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Historical change of aesthetic design of bridges in Europe
土木史研究 講演集   37 85-88   Jun 2017
Experimental investigations of piping phenomena in bentonite-based buffer materials for a HLW repository 
Clay Minerals(2013) Journal of Fine Particles Science   48(2) 363-382   May 2013   [Refereed]
This paper describes the condition of parameters which cause piping and erosion of buffer in HLW repository, revised conditions which keep advection, inflow rate, buffer component, gap between buffer materials, gap between outside wall and buffer ...
Bridge and Foundation   46(No,8) 111-114   Aug 2012   [Refereed][Invited]
Comments for the Future Development of Prestressed Concrete Technik in Japan
Prestressed Concrete   51(1) 71-77   Jan 2009   [Refereed][Invited]


Aethetic Dsign of UKINIWABASHI
景観・デザイン研究講演集 No.13   N0.13 pi43-p154   Dec 2017

Books etc

Bridge Design in Practice ーFrom the history of bridges to the modern bridge design competition
Kei Suzuki
Coronasha Co.   Mar 2018   
In order to realize a full of original design of bridges and creative design of bridge structures, historu of structural engineering and history of materials are introduced, and explain the design concept of Robell Maillart’s bridge design.Wheth...
Japanese civil engineering heritage
Japan Society of Civil Engineers (Part:Joint Work, Mino bridge)
KODANSHA bluebacks   Jan 2012   ISBN:978-4-06-257754-0
A bridge and the infrastructure such as a tunnel, a railroad, the harbor facilities that supported the modernization of Japan still leave the figure in each place. Commentary book of the full-scale "Civil engineering heritage" that an expert wrote...
Aethetic Design, New・Civil engineering design
KAJIMA Corporation Civil Engineering Design Devision (Part:Joint Work, 第1章 序論 第3章 ケーススタディー(p52-p76)  3.6 色彩のデザイン 第4章 土木構造物の優れたデザイン)
KAJIMA publishing Co.   Sep 2003   ISBN:4-306-02361-3
For the people who are responsible for an Aethetic Design,this book will give real design examples, design process and the way of thinking.
Landscape Declareing Review
Landscape network 901 (Part:Joint Work, Initial Design concept of Autobahn, Structures which connects two pplaces)
INAX 出版   Mar 2002   ISBN:4-87275-132-9
This book deals with the Landscape,which many landscape architects have their own images. From them, new discussion will be born near the future.
Aethetic Design and of its historical developmentCivil engineering structures, City and Landscape
S. Baba, I. Kobayashi, K. Suzuki, Y. Sasaki, N. Okada (Part:Joint Work)
信山社 サイテック   Nov 1998   

Conference Activities & Talks

Study onn the Interest Promotion of High School Students Targeting Bridges over the Yoshino River
Sakai, Shinbou
卒業研究発表会   18 Feb 2018   日本大学理工学部交通システム工学科
Compare the map of the bridge which still exists and the Compare the map of bridge which include the culture and the history of Yoshino-river for high school students. And make it clear how the interest improved by the questionary.
Design Study on Heigh Level Radioactive Waste Disposal -Three Dimensional Design Layout plan.
Kaneko, Kosaka
卒業研究発表会   17 Feb 2018   日本大学理工学部 交通システム工学科
Study on comparison of the design specifitions of concrete bridge of Japanese code and Euro code2.
卒業研究発表   17 Feb 2018   日本大学理工学部 交通システム工学科 
Comparison for designing of the box girder bridge of span 80m with Japanese design specification and Euro code 2.
Experimental investigations of piping phenomena by saline water in bentonite based buffer materialsfor HLW repository
7th MECC14(Mid-European Clay Conference   Sep 2015   Mid-European Clay Conference
When the saline water is flown to bentonite, piping and erosion phenomena are studied. The shieling of piping was not occurred by 0.1cc/min. For the amount of eroded materials per min are bigger than that of distilled water, erosion was stopped un...
鈴木 圭
日本原子力学会   Sep 2014   日本原子力学会

Social Contribution

[Presenter, Report writing]  土木学会  土木史委員会  1 Apr 2017 - 31 Mar 2019