GLASGOW, Gregory Paul

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GLASGOW, Gregory Paul
Kanda University of International Studies
Job title
Associate Professor
M.A., Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)(Teachers College Columbia University), Ph.D., Applied Linguistics(University of Queensland, Australia)
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I am now an Associate Professor at Kanda University of International Studies in the Department of English. My research interests include the role of agency in language policy and planning (LPP), examining LPP from a wide range of domains of social life. My research is also focusing on the the structural and cultural manifestation of native speakerism in TESOL and how it intersects with race and ethnicity. Additionally, I have experience in second language teacher education (SLTE) and professional development (PD), and have conducted research on teacher training approaches that incorporate a World Englishes / English as an International Language perspective.

Research Areas

  • Linguistics / English linguistics / Language Policy and Planning (LPP), TESOL/ English as an International Language (EIL)

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Associate Professor, Department of English, Kanda University of International Studies
Apr 2017
Mar 2019
Assistant Professor, College of Intercultural Communication Department of Intercultural Communication, RIKKYO UNIVERSITY
Jul 2015
Mar 2017
Academic Coordinator and English Lecturer, NYU School of Professional Studies Tokyo
Apr 2013
Jun 2015
Assistant Professor, Integrated Education Center, Meikai University, Urayasu Campus


Apr 2009
Oct 2014
PhD, Applied Linguistics, School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies, The University of Queensland Australia
Sep 2004
Oct 2008
M.A., Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, School of Arts and Humanities, Teachers College Columbia University
Oct 1986
Jun 1990
B.A., Political Science, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago

Books etc

Challenging and Interrogating Native Speakerism in an Elementary School Professional Development Programme in Japan. In S. Houghton & J. Bouchard (Eds.) (forthcoming). Native speakerism: Its resilience and undoing.
Gregory Paul Glasgow, Patrick Ng, Tiina Matikainen, Tomohisa Machida (Part:Joint Work)
Springer   Jun 2019   
This study examines how four teacher educators challenged native speakerist assumptions through two externally-funded elementary school English in-service teacher training workshops for 39 elementary school teachers and educational administrators ...
CLIL for who? Commodification of English-medium courses in Japan's higher education. In I. Liyanage & T. Walker (Eds.), Multilingual Education Yearbook 2019
Kayoko Hashimoto, Gregory Paul Glasgow (Part:Joint Work)
Springer   Apr 2019   ISBN:978-3-030-14385-5
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), which had its origins in Europe in the 1990s, has been developed on the assumption that language learning is more effective if knowledge of content other than language is simultaneously acquired. No...
Researching Agency in Language Policy and Planning
Gregory Paul Glasgow, Jeremie Bouchard (Eds). (Part:Editor)
Routledge   Dec 2018   ISBN:9781138316164
This concise collection features seven studies on agency in language policy and planning across five different national contexts. Building on themes explored in another volume by the same editors titled Agency in Language Policy and Planning: Crit...
Agency in Language Policy and Planning: Critical Inquiries
Jeremie Bouchard, Gregory Paul Glasgow (Eds.) (Part:Editor)
Routledge.   Dec 2018   ISBN:9781138316188
This collection brings together theory and ethnographic research from a range of national contexts to offer unique insight into agency in language policy and planning. Situated within a broader sociological framework, the book explores agentive pr...
English language policy in Japan and the Ministry of Education: Emphasis, trends and changes that affect higher education. In P. Wadden & Chris Carl Hale (Eds). Teaching English in Japanese Universities: A New Handbook.
Paul R. Underwood, Gregory Paul Glasgow (Part:Joint Work)
New York: Routledge   Oct 2018   ISBN:9781315147239
Standing in front of neat rows of students in a freshman English class, instructors can anticipate two things: one, despite having studied English in junior and senior high school for a minimum of around 500 class hours over the past six years, 1 ...

Published Papers

Gregory Paul Glasgow
Language Teacher Cognition Research Bulletin 2016      Dec 2016   [Invited]
While research literature in TESOL has explored and unearthed the complexities of language teacher cognition (LTC), establishing it as virtually its own subfield and acknowledges how context meditates cognitions, rarely has LTC as it pertains to l...
Gregory Paul Glasgow
International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning   9(2) 152-161   Dec 2014   [Invited]
Research in language-in-education policy and planning (LEP) rarely examines how language teachers negotiate official policy statements on teaching methodologies. In this study, I investigate the current upper secondary school foreign language nati...
Gregory Paul Glasgow
   Oct 2014
In Japan, in 2013, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology implemented a new national curriculum in which teachers of English as a foreign language are to conduct their classes in English. However, these teachers—whether...
Gregory Paul Glasgow, Daniel Leigh Paller
JALT2013 Conference Proceedings   113-122   Jun 2014
The new Course of Study for Foreign Languages in senior high schools has been in effect since April 2013,
yet little has been reported about the implementation process thus far. In particular, no studies have
examined the nature of the textbooks a...
Gregory Paul Glasgow
JALT Journal   35(2) 191-204   Nov 2013   [Refereed]
In this paper I discuss the impact of the Ministry of Education’s new national senior high school Course of Study for Foreign Languages on collaboration between Japanese teachers of English and native speakers of English. In consideration of the n...


Gregory Paul Glasgow
Current Issues in Language Planning   18(2) 233-236   Jun 2016   [Invited]
This is a review the book published by Serafin Colonel-Molina (2015) "Language Ideology, Policy and Planning in Peru published by Multilingual Matters.
Gregory Paul Glasgow
Asian Studies Review   40(3) 467-468   Feb 2016   [Invited]
This edited book by Bernard Spolsky and Kiwan Sung is a repository of valuable information regarding English language-in-education policies in Asia at the secondary school level. The contributions to this volume reflect a broad array of challenges...
Gregory Paul Glasgow
ELT Journal   62(3) 322-324   Jul 2008

Conference Activities & Talks

Agency in Language Policy and Planning: A Reconceptualization [Invited]
GLASGOW, Gregory Paul
Mutidisciplinary Approaches to Language Policy and Planning Conference, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada   22 Aug 2019   
Policy, Agency and Transformation: In-Service Teacher Education in an Era of Curriculum Reform [Invited]
GLASGOW, Gregory Paul
JACET Language Teacher Cognition SIG Meeting   22 Jun 2019   
English as a Lingua Franca in Second Language Teacher Education: Challenging Native Speakerism
Gregory Paul Glasgow, Patrick C.L. Ng, Tiina Matikainen, Tomohisa Machida
JACET 56th International Convention 2017   29 Aug 2017   JACET
The presenters, Ng, Greg, Tina, and Tomohisa are four ELF practitioners from Singapore, the U.S, Finland and Japan involved in an elementary school English teachers’ training workshop in Japan. Data collection for the study is based on their refle...


Manuscript Reviewer
Asian Studies Review
Asia Pacific Journal of Education