Takemoto Timothy

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Takemoto Timothy
Alternative names
Please call me by my family name,Takemoto,in formal situations. My pre-marriage name was Leuers.
Yamaguchi University
Faculty of Economics
B.Sc.(University of Bath), M.Eng(University of Bath), M.A. Scottish(University of Edinburgh), Ph.D. Unsubmitted 満期退学(Kurume Univeristy)
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I research Japanese culture using a cultural psychological approach. I attempt to demonstrate experimentally that the Japanese have high self esteem and a strong sense of their own individuality cognised in a different media to that of Westerners, based upon observations of Japanese religion culture and philosophy. I teach English conversation in a unique way. I give students every opportunity to create English sentences keeping teaching of grammar to a minimum. This is the way I learnt Japanese.

Academic & Professional Experience

Feb 2010
May 2010
Faculty of Economics, YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY
May 2010
Nov 2017
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY

Published Papers

Takemoto Timothy, BRINTHAUPT Thomas M.
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武本 Timothy
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武本 Timothy
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Takemoto Timothy, Iwaizono Mayu
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I am Charlie, but not a "mere image": Visual Insults and Japanese Manga Self-Esteem
Takemoto Timothy
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY   51 325   Jul 2016   [Refereed]
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Takemoto Timothy
Bulletin of the Institute of Foreign Language Education Kurume University   10 69-89   Mar 2003
The objectives of this report were twofold. Firstly, to investigate the overall motivation for selecting Kurume University among prospective applicants and, secondly, to carry out a preliminary survey of their subjective needs in order to inform h...
Reconsidering "Achievement" and "Process" Orientation: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Visual and Linguistic Media of Future Self-representations
Sonoda Naoko, Leuers (Takemoto) Timothy, Shapiro Lauren J.
16 13-33   Mar 2000
Independent Self Bias
Takemoto Timothy, & Naoko Sonoda
Progress in Asian Social Psychology   3 87-104   1999   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Is your Mirror Image Reversed? Is the (Japanese) man in the mirror me?
Takemoto Timothy
Asian Association of Social Psychology Biannual Conference   3 Jul 2019   

Teaching Experience