Tanno Kenichi

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Tanno Kenichi
Ryukoku University
Faculty of Letters
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Associate Professor
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Apr 2018
Ryukoku University
Dec 2008
Mar 2018
Faculty of Agriculture, YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY

Published Papers

Neolithisation processes of the South Caucasus: As viewed from macro-botanical analyses at Tepe, West Azerbaijan
Akashi C., Tanno K., Guliyev F. and Nishiaki Y.
Paleorient   44(2) 75-89   2018   [Refereed]
Multiplex PCR effectively identifies tetraploid Triticum AABB- or AAGG-genome species
Tanno K., Takeuchi A., Akahori E., Kobayashi K., Kawahara T. and Yamane K.
Plant Genetic Resources: Characterization and Utilization   16(3) 279-283   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
Narrowing the harvest: Increasing sickle investment and the rise of domesticated cereal agriculture in the Fertile Crescent
Maeda O., Lucus L., Silva F., Tanno K., Fuller D.Q.
Quaternary Science Reviews   145 226-237   Jun 2016   [Refereed]
Kyoko Yamane, Yasuaki Sugiyama, Yuan-Xue Lu, Na Lű, Kenichi Tanno, Eri Kimura and Hirofumi Yamaguchi
The Horticulture Journal   85(1) 46-54   Apr 2016   [Refereed]
Distinguishing wild and domestic wheat and barley spikelets from early Holocene sites in the Near East
Tanno, K., and Willcox, G.
Vegetation History and Archaeobotany   21 107-115   Mar 2012   [Refereed]


Plant remains from Hasankeyf Hoyuk: a new PPNA settlement in the upper Tigris valley
Tanno, K., Maeda O., Miyake Y.
Proceedings od 17th Symposium of the International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany   38-39   Jul 2016
The food-producing economy in earliest Shomutepe-Shulaveri culture, western Azerbaijan
Akashi C., Nishiaki Y., Guiliev F. and Tanno K.
Proceedings of 17th Symposium of the International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany   1   Jul 2016
Yerleşik bir Hasankeyf köyde avcı toplayıcı yaşam
Maeda O., Hongo H. and Tanno K.
Actüel Arkeoloji   53 40-47   2016   [Invited]
Archeobotanical studies at and around Qalat Said Ahmadan
Ken-ichi Tanno, Kanenori Takata and Taihachi Kawahara
AL-RAFIDAN   36 59-63   2015
Preliminary results of analyses of charred plant remains from late Natufian site of Dederiyeh, northwest Syria
Tanno, K., Willcox, G., Nishiaki, Y. and Akazawa, T.
Proceedings of 16th Symposium of the International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany   172   Jun 2013
Neolithic Azerbaijan: plant remains from Shulaveri-Shomu culture
Akashi, C., Tanno, K., Nishiaki, Y., and Guliyev, F.
Proceedings of 16th Symposium of the International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany   174   Jun 2013
New excavations at Hasankeyf Hoyuk: A 10th millennium cal. BC site on the upper Tigris, southeast Anatolia
Yutaka Miyake, Osamu Maeda, Ken-ichi Tanno, Hitomi Hongo and Can Y. Gundem
Neolithics   12(1) 3-7   2013
Identifying domestication using charred spikelet bases from early agriculture sites in the Near East
Tanno, K. and Willcox, G.
Terra Nostra   2010/2 88   Jun 2010
Archaeobotanical study of PPNB outpost, Wadi Abu Tulayha, southern Jordan with special reference to the beginning of nomadism at the southern edge of the fertile crescent
Nasu, H., Tanno, K., Hongo, H. and Fujii, S.
Terra Nostra   2010/2 63   Jun 2010
Agriculture in the marginal zone: Tell Ghanem al-Ali, an early bronze age site on the Euphrates, Syria
Akashi, C. and Tanno, K.
Terra Nostra   2010/2 16   Jun 2010

Books etc

Ancient West Asian civilization: Geoenvironment and society in the pre-Islamic Middle East
Tanno, K. and Maeda, O. (Part:Contributor, The origins of agriculture)
Springer   Aug 2016   ISBN:978-981-10-0553-4
Natufian foragers in the Levant: Terminal Pleistocene social changes in western Asia. International monographs in prehistory, archaeological series 19
Tanno K., Willcox G., Muhesen S., Nishiaki Y., Kanjo Y. and Akazawa, T. (Part:Contributor, Preliminary results from analyses of charred plant remains from a burnt Natufian building at Dederiyeh cave in northwest Syria)
International monographs in prehistory   2013   ISBN:978-1-879621-46-6 (hardcover), 978-1-879621-45-9 (paperback)
Tang-E Bolaghi, the Iran-Japan archaeological project for the Sivand dam salvage area
Tanno Kenichi (Part:Contributor, Plant remains from TB75)
From the adoption of agriculture to the current landscape: Long-term interaction between men and environment in the east Mediterranean basin
Willcox G., Fornite S., Herveux L. and Tanno, K. (Part:Contributor, Changes in the use of cereals on the Euphrates sites between 11,500 and 7,800 B.C. cal.)
Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya Barcelona   2007   ISBN:9788439376545
Integration of Biodiversity and Genome Technology for Crop
Tanno, K., Taketa, S., Takeda, K. and Komatsuda, T. (Part:Contributor, Origins of six-rowed cultivated barley deduced from a DNA marker tightly linked to the vrs1 locus (row type gene))
2000   ISBN:4-931511-04-X

Conference Activities & Talks

Hulled wheat project: Elucidation of domestication, characterization of genetic resources and utility for breeding [Invited]
Tanno Kenichi
Morphological domestication of emmer wheat, and introduction of early maturity characteristics from emmer genetic resources into durum
Tanno Kenichi
Durum research seminar : the first meeting in Japan   21 Apr 2014   

Teaching Experience