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Nagaoka University of Technology
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2004
Professor, Nagaoka University of Technology
May 1996
Mar 2004
Associate Professor, Nagaoka University of Technology
Aug 1998
Nov 1998
Associate Professor, JICA Expert, JICA Office, Thammasat University
Apr 1980
Jun 1987
Researcher, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
Jun 1987
Jun 1989
Knowledge Engineer, Digital Equipment Corporation Japan


Mar 1980
Graduate School, Division of Integrated Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Mar 1978
Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Awards & Honors

Oct 2009
The Best Paper Award

Published Papers

Aryuanto Soetedjo, Koichi Yamada
IEICE Electronics Express   4(21) 684-689   Nov 2007   [Refereed]
Aryuanto Soetedjo, Koichi Yamada
Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics   19(5) 458-465   Dec 2007   [Refereed]
Clinical Reasoning System Based on Clinicians' Diagnostic Process
Mahathir Bin Muhammad Rafie, Koichi Yamada, Yoshiyuki Higuchi
Journal of Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association   10(1) 1-10   Feb 2008   [Refereed]
K. Yamada
Fuzzy Sets and Systems   159(13) 1689-1708   Jul 2008   [Refereed]
A. Soetedjo, K. Yamada
IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems   E91-D(10) 2493-2502   Oct 2008   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Simulating Associations and Interactions among Multiple Pieces of Brand Image Using Fuzzy Bidirectional Associative Memory
WCCI2008   2 Jun 2008   
Interaction based Human Adaptive Conceptual Design Support System
SCIS & ISIS 2008   17 Sep 2008   
Knowledge Acquisition by Rough Set Theory and Reasoning by Evidence Theory
SOFT Joint Symposium 2008   9 Nov 2008   
Construction of Interactive Conceptual Design Support System Based on Feature of Product's Shape
SOFT Joint Symposium 2008   9 Nov 2008   
Uncertainty in Heuristic Knowledge and Reasoning
11th Inter. Conf. on Humans and Computers   20 Nov 2008   

Research Grants & Projects

Reasoning and Learning under Uncertain Environments and Their Applications
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: May 1996 - Today
Uncertainty is ubiquitous in the real world, and it is inevitable to deal with uncertainty adequately. Artificial Intelligence has been studying it in various ways including Probability theory. However, humans have not found an established complet...
Design Support Methodology Satisfying Kansei Requirements as well as Originality
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: Apr 2005 - Today
In conventional Kansei Engineering, designs satisfying Kansei requirements are usually generated using knowledge of relation between design components and Kansei words. However, such approaches hardly generate a creative design, because the knowle...
Descriptive Decision-Making under Uncertainty
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: Sep 2009 - Today
Decision-making given complete / incomplete probability information is called decision-making under risk / uncertainty, respectively. Decision-making models presupposing human bounded rationality are called descriptive decision-making models. We ...
New Human Interface Paradigm for Multi-Functional Information Appliances
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: May 1996 - Today
Today's information appliances have so many functions, while their size becomes very small for mobilizing or remote control. It is almost impossible to use all of functions without the bulky manual book. Though cognitive science has improved human...