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Osaka City University
Graduate School of Economics Contemporary Economy Course
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Associate Professor
Doctor (Philosophy)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2017
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics Contemporary Economy Course, Osaka City University

Published Papers

Marx in the Anthropocene: Value, Metabolic Rift and the Non-Cartesian Dualism
Kohei Saito
Zeitschrift für kritische Sozialtheorie und Philosophie   4(1/2) 276-295   Oct 2017   [Invited]
Marx's Ecological Noteboks
(3) 81-100   Aug 2017   [Invited]
The Emergence of Marx's Critique of Modern Agriculture Ecological Insights from His Excerpt Notebooks
Kohei Saito
MONTHLY REVIEW   66(5) 25-46   Oct 2014   [Refereed]


Marx's Ecological Notebooks
(150)    Oct 2017   [Invited]
Why Ecosocialism Needs Marx
Kohei Saito
Monthly Review   68(6) 58-62   Nov 2016   [Invited]
Learning from Late Marx
Kohei Saito
Monthly Review   68(5) 51-55   Oct 2016   [Invited]
Reconstructing Marx’s Critique of Political Economy from His London Notebooks
Kohei Saito
Monthly Review   67(7) 57-61   Dec 2015   [Invited]

Books etc

The Unfinished System of Karl Marx: Critically Reading Capital as a Challenge for Our Times
Judith Dellheim, Frieder Otto Wolf, Riccardo Bellofiore, Fred Moseley, Joachim Bischoff, Kohei Saito, Georgios Daremas, Jan Toporowski, Patrick Bond, Michael Brie (Part:Joint Work)
Palgrave   Apr 2018   
斎藤 幸平
Monthly Review Press   Oct 2017   ISBN:9781583676400
Aug 2016   ISBN:9783593505473
岩佐 茂, 佐々木 隆治, Foster John Bellamy, 隅田 聡一郎, Burkett Paul, 明石 英人, 羽島 有紀, 斎藤 幸平, Vollgraf Carl-Erich, 權 五範, 梁 英聖 (Part:Joint Work)
堀之内出版   Jun 2016   ISBN:9784906708604
Hegel and Capitalism
Andrew Buchwalter, Michalis Skomvoulis, Kohei Saito, Ardis B. Collins, Nicholas Mowad, Giorgio Cesarale, C. J. Pereira Di Salvo, Michael J. Thompson, Richard Dien Winfield, Lisa Herzog, Nathan Ross, Tony Smith, Louis Carré (Part:Joint Work)
SUNY Press   Sep 2015   

Conference Activities & Talks

Karl Marx’s ecological critique of capitalism [Invited]
Kohei Saito
Marxist Seminar   16 Oct 2017   
The MEGA and New Insights into Marx’s Ecology
Kohei Saito
Historical Materialism   6 Nov 2015   
The Development of Marx's ecology after 1868 and New Insights from Marx’s Notebooks
Kohei Saito
Left Forum   29 May 2015   
Marx’s Reception of Agricultural Chemistry and the MEGA [Invited]
Kohei Saito
MEGA and Marxian Discourses on Economic Crises   28 Feb 2015   
Ecology and Marx’s Excerpts from Carl Fraas [Invited]
Kohei Saito
How to Think Capital? Economy, Philology, and Philosophy in the Japanese Reception of the Critique of Political Economy   11 Dec 2014