Kobayashi Atsushi

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Kobayashi Atsushi
Ph.D (Area Studies)(Kyoto University)
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Apr 2019
Assistant Professor, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
Apr 2016
Mar 2019
Lecturer, Osaka Sangyo University Faculty of Economics, Department of International Economics


Apr 2009
Mar 2014
Sustainable Humanosphere, Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University

Published Papers

Atsushi Kobayashi
Economic History Review   72(2) 595-617   May 2019   [Refereed]
This study reveals the mechanism of silver trade in Singapore during the third quarter of the nineteenth century by analysing banking business and bullion arbitrage. After 1849, the Californian Gold Rush induced gold depreciation and silver apprec...
Atsushi Kobayashi
Australian Economic History Review   57(1) 108-129   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
アジアにおける経済関係の緊密化と国際分業   73-91   Mar 2017
Transformation of Regional Economy and Riverine Networks in Sarawak 1900-40
Atsushi Kobayashi
Interface, Negotiation, and Interaction in Southeast Asia   23-43   2013
Competition and Integration in the Southeast Asian Rice Market, c.1830-1913
Atsushi Kobayashi
Trans-national Southeast Asia: Paradigms, Histories, Vectors   29-49   2013

Books etc

Paths to the Emerging State in Asia and Africa
Atsushi Kobayashi (Part:Contributor, Growth of Regional Trade in Modern Southeast Asia: The Rise of Singapore, 1819-1913)
Springer Nature   2018   
Anthoropogenic Tropical Forest
Atsushi Kobayashi, Kaoru Sugihara (Part:Contributor, Changing Patterns of Sarawak Exports, c. 1870-2013)
Springer Nature   2018   
Anthropogenic Tropical Forest
Yayoi Takeuchi, Atsushi Kobayashi, Bibian Diway (Part:Contributor, Transitions in the Utilization and Trade of Rattan in Sarawak: Past to Present, Local to Global)
Springer Nature   2018   
Modern Global Trade and the Asian Regional Economy
Atsushi Kobayashi (Part:Contributor, The Growth of Intra-Southeast Asian Trade in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century: The Role of Middlemen in Singapore)
Springer Nature   Aug 2018   
Economic Integration and International Division of Labor in East Asia
Asian Community Research Center, Osaka Sangyo University   Mar 2017   ISBN:978-4-9909496-0-0

Conference Activities & Talks

Changing Consumption and Trade Growth in Southeast Asia, c.1800-70
Atsushi Kobayashi
World Economic History Congress XVIII   31 Jul 2018   International Association of Economic History
Growing Exchange Market and Bullion Trade in Asia, c. 1830-70
Atsushi Kobayashi
World Economic History Congress XVIII   30 Jul 2018   International Association of Economic History
Development of Resource Exports and Food Supply in Southeast Asia—Historical experience in the nineteenth century—
Atsushi Kobayashi
East Asian Association of the Environmental and Resource Economics 7th Congress   7 Aug 2017   East Asian Association of the Environmental and Resource Economics
The purpose of this paper is to examine the origin of the exports of natural resources in Southeast Asia through the analysis of trade growth during the nineteenth century.
Trade Growth and International Banks in Singapore, c.1820s-1913
Atsushi Kobayashi
World Economic History Congress XVII   5 Aug 2015   International Association of Economic History
Development of Intra-Southeast Asian Trade in the Nineteenth Century: With reference to the role of Singapore [Invited]
Atsushi Kobayashi
Dissertation Session Long Nineteenth Century WECH XVII   3 Aug 2015   International Association of Economic History

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