Nonogaki Midori

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Nonogaki Midori
Asia University
Faculty of International Relations Department of International Relations
Job title
Assistant Professor Extraordinary

Research Areas



Mar 2008
Faculty of Economics, Hosei University

Committee Memberships

Japanese Association of Industrial Counseling
Jun 2017
Jun 2019
Japanese Association of Industrial Counseling
Jun 2017
Japanese Association of Industrial Counseling
Oct 2017
Sep 2019
The Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA)  Japanese representative
The Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA)  Local Organization Relationships Taskforce

Conference Activities & Talks

Efficacy of Counseling to Adults on Child Career Education: A Pilot Case Study
2014 Asia Pacific Career Development Association Conference   14 May 2014   Asia Pacific Career Development Association
Results of six case studies investigating post-field-trip counseling which encouraged reframing and articulation of parent/adult mindsets toward child career education will be shared. Realization of one's hidden influence to a child, reframing of ...
Career Services Professionals in Japan
MIZUNO Shujiro
2018 Asia Pacific Career Development Association Conference   18 May 2018   Asia Pacific Career Development Association
Discussion on the status of career services provider credentialing in Japan and how
those certified career consultants view their competencies. The presenters will discuss
how the 21st career consultants or counselors prepare to do the professiona...
Supervision and Role Models for the Development of Core Competencies
Mizuno Syujiro
2019 Asia Pacific Career Development Association Conference   23 May 2019   Asia Pacific Career Development Association
Mizuno and Nonogaki will continue the discussion of the previous year presentation about how the 21st-century career consultants can develop the professional level of competencies. This year Mizuno and Nonogaki will focus on how the role of superv...
What International Students Face When They Return Home to Asia?
Marilyn Maze, Asia Pacific Career Development Association; Raza Abbas, Pathway Global Career Institute (Karachi); Midori Nonogaki, Asia University (Tokyo); Emily Lizada, Ateneo de Manila University(Manila)
2019 National Career Development Association Conference   28 Jun 2019   National Career Development Association
International students break barriers when they come to the US for college, but when they return home, they face additional barriers. Without the support of a local university, how can they find good jobs? What types of jobs are available in the l...