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yonezawa yoshiyasu
Taisho University
Faculty of Buddhist, Department of Buddhist Studies

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1999
Mar 2013
Apr 2002
Mar 2013
Research Assistant
Apr 2008
Mar 2010
Apr 2013
Research Assistant
Apr 2017
Mar 2018


Apr 1983
Mar 1987
Faculty of Literature, Chuo University
Apr 1987
Mar 1990
Graduate School, Division of Letters, Taisho University

Published Papers

The Dhāraṇīśvararājaparipṛcchā Quoted in the Madhyamakāvatārabhāṣya
Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies   66(3) 1115-1121   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
This paper points out underlying concepts which occur in the context of the quotations from the Dhāraṇīśvararājaparipṛcchā in the Madhyamakāvatārabhāṣya. The conclusion is as follows: for the sake of the attainment of the Buddha stag...
*Lakṣaṇaṭīkā Sanskrit Notes on the Catuḥśatakaṭīkā (4)
Journal of Naritasan Institute for Buddhist Studies   (41) 73-92   Feb 2018
This paper introduces Sanskrit notes on Candrakīrti's Bodhisattvayogācāra-Catuḥśatakaṭīkā chapters 7-8 in the *Lakṣaṇaṭīkā.
The Vinayasūtra and the Mūlasarvāstivāda-Vinaya
Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies   65(3) 1171-1178   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
This brief paper is intended to ascertain the textual significance of the Vinayasūtra (VS) and its auto-commentary (VSS) in relation to the Mūlasarvāstivāda-Vinaya (MSV). Although the limited part of the Pravrajyāvastu of the VS and ...
*Lakṣaṇaṭīkā Sanskrit Notes on the Catuḥśatakaṭīkā (3)
成田山仏教研究所紀要   (40) 71-100   Feb 2017
This paper introduces Sanskrit notes on Candrakīrti's Bodhisattvayogācāra-Catuḥśatakaṭīkā chapters 5-6 in the *Lakṣaṇaṭīkā.
sTeng lo tsa ba Tshul khrims 'byung gnas: Tibetan Translator of the Vinayasūtravṛtty-abhidhāna-svavyākhyāna
Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies   64(3) 1147-1154   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
In this brief paper, it is pointed out that sTeng lo tsa ba Tshul khrims 'byung gnas not only translated the Vinayasūtravṛtty-abhidhāna-svavyākhyāna and the other Sanskrit texts into Tibetan but also transported the Sanskrit manuscripts fro...

Books etc

Mar 2009   
Mar 2006   
Mar 2004   
Introduction to the Facsimile Edition of a Collection of Sanskrit Palm-leaf Manuscripts in Tibetan dBu med Script
Taisho University   Apr 2001   
Introductory booklet for the facsimile edition of a collection of Sanskrit manuscripts written in Tibetan dBu med script. The present author is responsible for the Preface, General Survey, Textual Survey, and script table. A general survey of the ...
Nov 1998   

Conference Activities & Talks

The Sanskrit Notes on the Prasannapadā One of the Sanskrit Manuscripts transcribed in Tibetan dBu med
International Association of Buddhist Studies   Aug 1999   
"A Collection of Sanskrit Palm-leaf Manuscripts in Tibetan dBu med Script" was introduced in the presentation. It is notable that the scribe is identified as a Tibetan called Dharma grags, who was activated as a lo tsa ba (translator).
Researches into Sanskrit Manuscripts Preserved in Tibet [Invited]
China Tibetan Culture Forum   Oct 2006   
In this talk, a series of facsimile editions of the Sanskrit manuscripts preserved at the Tibet Autonomous Region published by Taisho University under permission of Chinese authority were introduced with showing the images of the materials.
Re-editing the Bhiksunī-vibhanga Section of the Vinayasūtra
Buddhist Nuns in India   Apr 2011   
The Vinayasūtra is the basic text for the monastic discipline. It is well known that Rāhula Sānkrityāyana found the Sanskrit MS and published the editio princeps. In this talk, the newly edited text on the Bhiksunīvibhanga was prese...
Svatantrānumāna in the Prasannapadā
International Workshop on Candrakīrti vs. Bhāviveka   27 Aug 2015   
This presentation raises a question about the technical term 'svatantrānumāna-' used in the Prasannapadā of Candrakīrti. It is pointed out that the term 'svatantra' can be construed as an adverb except for the usage of 'svatantrā pratijñā.'
Sanskrit Manuscripts of the Vinayasūtravṛtty-abhidhāna-svavyākhyāna
The 6th Beijing Internatinal Seminar on Tibetan Studies   4 Aug 2016   
The talk took place in the panel 17 "Sanskrit Manuscripts and Tibet" at which Buddhist scholars from all over the world were present. In this talk, not only information about the important source materials were provided but also characteristics on...


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