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Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Graduate School of Health Care Sciences Nursing Innovation Gerontological Nursing and Care System Development Gerontological Nursing and Care System Development
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Apr 2015
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Health Care Sciences Nursing Innovation Gerontological Nursing and Care System Development Gerontological Nursing and Care System Development, Tokyo Medical and Dental University


Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Published Papers

Morioka N, Okubo S, Yumoto Y, Ogata Y
BMC health services research   19(1) 398   Jun 2019   [Refereed]
Factors related to physical restrain use in long-term care facilities and a comparison of physical restraint prevalence among prefectures
N Hitarani, N Morioka, M Sasaki, Y Yumoto, Y Ogata
Journal of the Japan Academy of Nursing Evaluation   8(1) 11-19   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Noriko Morioka, Jun Tomio, Toshikazu Seto, Yoshie Yumoto, Yasuko Ogata, Yasuki Kobayashi
PLoS ONE   13(8) e0201649-e0201649   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Little is known about whether and how local-level resources regarding home care are associated with the prevalence of home deaths. We aimed to investigate whether geographic patterns of the resources for home care were associated with the prevalen...
Yasuko Ogata, Miki Sasaki, Yoshie Yumoto, Yuki Yonekura, Midori Nagano, Katsuya Kanda
Nurs Open   5(3) 362-369   Jul 2018
The aim of this study was to examine the reliability and validity of the Practice Environment Scale of the Nursing Work Index (PES-NWI) for hospital nurses in Japan.
A cross-sectional mail survey.
Participants in this study were 1,219 full-time wa...
Takako Iwasaki, Noriko Yamamoto-Mitani, Kana Sato, Yoshie Yumoto, Maiko Noguchi-Watanabe, Yasuko Ogata
J Fam Nurs   23(4) 534-561   Nov 2017
Relationship development is crucial to nursing practice with families. However, little is known about the process of building relationships with multiple family members in home care settings and in various cultures. The objective of this study was...


Expected chief nursing officers' support by nurse managers: A qualitative analysis
Yoshie Yumoto, W George Kernohan, Noriko Morioka, Yasuko Ogata
Public Health Nurs   36(2) 192-198   Mar 2019
Dementia is causing global concern with its massive impacts on affected individuals, families, society, and national economies. As the disease progresses, patients' needs increase in number, depth, and breadth, covering physical, psychological, so...
Leading the Way to Better Health Care : Around the World
Leslie Breitner, Yasuko Ogata, Yoshie Yumoto
The Japanese Journal of Nursing Research   48(7) 720-726   Dec 2015

Conference Activities & Talks

The Components of the Advance Care Planning Process for People with Dementia in a Facility-based Setting: A Scoping Review
Seira Takada, Yoshie Yumoto, Noriko Morioka, Yasuko Ogata
Aging & Society: Eighth Interdisciplinary Conference   19 Sep 2018   
Tokyo vs Belfast: comparisons in the care of people with advanced dementia
W. George Kernohan, Yoshie Yumoto, Noriko Morioka, Yasuko Ogata
Dementia: Transforming the Journey - Prevention, Treatment and Quality of Life   17 May 2018   
Environmental factors of Japanese nurses to continue working healthily
Sachiko Tanaka, Yasuko Ogata, Kimiko Katsuyama, Midori Nagano and Yoshie Yumoto
The International Nursing Research Conference 2017   20 Oct 2017   
The Relationship between Practice Environment and Intention to Remain for Japanese Hospital Nurses
Yasuko Ogata, Yoshie Yumoto, Kimiko Katsuyama, Midori Nagano, Sachiko Tanaka, & Yuki Yonekura
Boston 2017 Congress - International Health Economics Association (iHEA)   8 Jul 2017   
A Literature Review on Work Engagement Among Nurses in Hospitals
Satoko NAGAI, Yoshie YUMOTO, Yasuko OGATA
Work, Stress and Health 2017   10 Jun 2017   American Psychological Association