Oigawa Haruhiro

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Oigawa Haruhiro
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Job title
Assistant Professor

Research Areas


Published Papers

Mogi, Hiroyuki;Wang, Zi-Han;Banba, Takafumi;Takaguchi, Yuhei;Endo, Naohiko;Yoshida, Shoji;Taninaka, Atsushi;Oigawa, Haruhiro;Miyata, Yasumitsu;Takeuchi, Osamu;Shigekawa, Hidemi
Appl. Phys. Express   12(4) 045002   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
By combining scanning multiprobe (MP) microscopy with optical methods such as light-modulated spectroscopy (LMS) and optical pump-probe (OPP) method, we have succeeded in developing a microscopy method for measuring electronic structures and photo...
Probing spin dynamics by time-resolved STM
Shoji, Yoshida;Osamu, Takeuchi;Haruhiro, Oigawa;Hidemi, Shigekawa
Solid state physics   53(4) 165   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
Optical pump-probe STM
Shigekawa, Hidemi;Shoji, Yoshida;Osamu, Takeuchi;Haruhiro, Oigawa
J. Electron Microsc. (Kenbikyo)   52(1) 46   Feb 2017   [Refereed]
Nature Nanotechnology   9(8) 588-593   Aug 2014   [Refereed]
Studies of spin dynamics in low-dimensional systems are important from both fundamental and practical points of view(1),(2). Spin-polarized scanning tunnelling microscopy allows localized spin dynamics to be characterized and plays important roles...
Scientific Reports   4    Oct 2014   [Refereed]
Detection of the extremely weak signals in spectroscopy over an extremely wide frequency region is central to diverse sciences, including materials science, biology, astronomy and chemistry. Here we show a new type of atomic-scale spectroscopy, he...

Books etc

大井川, 治宏 (Part:Contributor, 化合物半導体表面)
表面分析技術選書・丸善   Jan 2002   ISBN:462107069X
実戦ナノテクノロジー 走査プローブ顕微鏡と局所分光
大井川, 治宏 (Part:Contributor, 半導体量子構造の解析)
裳華房   Nov 2005   ISBN:9784785369071
走査プローブ顕微鏡 -正しい実験とデータ解析のために必要なこと-
大井川, 治宏 (Part:Contributor, 薬品を扱うために/その他の技術)
実験物理科学シリーズ・共立出版   Mar 2009   ISBN:9784320033818

Conference Activities & Talks

__'08秋_3_   Sep 2008   
__'10秋_1_   Sep 2010   
Nanoscale dynamics probed by laser-combined scanning tunneling microscopy
Shigekawa, Hidemi;Yoshida, Shoji;Takeuchi, Osamu;Aoyama, Masahiro;Terada, Yasuhiko;Kondo, Hiroyuki;Oigawa, Haruhiro
7th International Conference on Nano-Molecular Electronics (ICNME2006)   

Research Grants & Projects

Nitride Semiconductor Surface
Project Year: 1998 - 1998
Study on Surface Treatment of Compound Semiconductors
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1990   
Epitaxial Growth on Sulfur-Treated Surface
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1992   
Reconstruction of GaAs Surface induced by Submonolayer Dopant Deposition
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1997   


特許第4534045号 : ヘテロダインビートプローブ走査顕微鏡およびこれによってトンネル電流に重畳された微小信号の計測方法