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Osaka Shoin Women's University
Master of Applied Linguistics (TESOL)(Macquarie University), Bachelor of Education(University of Tasmania), Diploma of Teaching(Sydney Teacher's College)

Academic & Professional Experience

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Aug 1997
Sep 1999
Enrolled: Master of Applied Linguistics (TESOL), Macquarie University
Apr 1986
Graduated: Bachelor of Education, University of Tasmania
Apr 1987
Graduated: Diploma in Teaching (General Primary), Sydney Institute of Education

Published Papers

Putting the 'International English' into an International English Course
Osaka Shoin Women's University, English and Culture   2012(2) 53-65   Mar 2012
As the International English program at Osaka Shoin Women's University prepares to enter its fourth year of existence, it seems timely to take stock of the opportunities that the program actually provides for students to engage in meaningful and a...
Synergizing Professional Development Through Video Recording, Critical Reflection, and Peer Feedback
Sean Toland
Coteaching and Other Collaborative Practices in the EFL/ESL Classroom: Rationale, Research, Reflections, and Recommendations, Honigsfeld, A. & Dove, M. (Eds.)      Feb 2012   [Refereed]
This book chapter instructs teachers how to effectively conduct self and peer reflective practices when embarking on professional development projects. The rationale underpinning the six-step model outlined, is grounded in the effectiveness that v...
English as an International Language: Current Issues and Future Implications
2011(1) 49-60   Mar 2011
This paper outlines the evolution of English throughout its history. It furthermore outlines the development and direction that the field of World Englishes (WE) has been taking as its impact on English as a Foreign Language (ESL) rapidly increase...


Empowering teachers' professional development: Video supported reflections
Sean H. Toland
In The 2010 Pan-SIG Conference Proceedings, K. Bradford-Watts, E. M. Skier & M. Walsh (Eds)   78-91   Dec 2010   [Refereed]
Integrating Moodle into a Process Writing Course
In Internet-Based Language Learning: Pedagogies and Technologies, Son, J.B. (Ed.)      Dec 2009   [Refereed]
This chapter reports the procedures and observations relating to a curriculum development project at Osaka Shoin Women's University whereby Moodle was utilised in a process writing course. It is informed by research into Moodle, the process approa...

Conference Activities & Talks

Using Moodle for Online Submission of Writing Assignments
GLoCALL 2008 conference (Globalization and Localization in Computer Assisted Language Learning)   8 Nov 2008   
This presentation examines the implementation of Moodle as a medium for online submission of writing assignments by 1st year students at Osaka Shoin Women's University. The inclusion of supplementary 'Grammar Help' text pages were uploaded to the ...
An Overview of Moodle at Osaka Shoin Women's University
GLoCALL 2008 conference (Globalization and Localization in Computer Assisted Language Learning)   9 Nov 2008   
This presentation constitutes a demonstrative overview of the role that Moodle plays in the English language program at Osaka Shoin Women's University. This online homework is a mandatory component of each course. The students may access the syste...
One Way of Blending Moodle into a Writing Course
MoodleMoot Japan 2009 Conference   15 Feb 2009   
This presentation demonstrates how teachers can combine the use Moodle's quiz feature with its 'assignment submission' feature to provide timely feedback for students. The statistical data and findings of my study into the improved accuracy displa...
Using Moodle to Enhance Writing
Osaka Shoin Women's University Learning and Teaching Conference   16 Mar 2009   
This short presentation will inform language teachers how their students can improve their editing between first and second drafts of written assignments. The moodle online facilities act as sites where teachers can upload quizzes and other activi...
Synergising Teacher Development through Videotaping, Critical Reflection, and Peer Feedback
Sean Toland
The 9th Annual Japan Association for Language Teachers Special Interest Group (JALT Pan-SIG) Conference   22 May 2010   
This presentation reports the preliminary findings of an ongoing, truly synergised teacher development project intended to promote professional development via critical reflective teaching. Participating teachers videotaped each other’s English le...