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Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
College of International Management
Job title
Associate Professor
PhD. in Commerce and Management(Hitotsubashi University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2008
Mar 2018
Associate Professor, Graduate school of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University


Apr 1999
Mar 2007
Business Administration and Accounting, Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University

Published Papers

Report on latest Industrial IoT trends in US, Germany and Japan
Yoichi Nonaka, Isao Fukumoto, Hiroshi Yamamoto
The Journal of Science Policy and Research Management   33(4) 299-314   Jan 2019
This article reported on the latest industry-level activities and national policies of Industrial IoT in US, Germany and Japan.
Kyoung-Joo Lee
Technology Analysis & Strategic Management   31(2)    Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Acquisition of university knowledge has grown significantly for firms to complement an internal knowledge base of technological innovation. Recognizing the significance, an increasing body of literature has analyzed the performance of university-i...
Tips of Construction of Platforms by Device Makers: From the Perspective of CPS and Servitization
The Journal of Science Policy and Research Management   32(3) 316-333   Dec 2017
The Impact of Multimedia Word of Mouth on Trust by Gender Difference and Purchase Intention
Zhang Haibin, Kimiyori Gemba, Shuichi Ishida
ICIC Express Letters   10(8)    Aug 2016   [Refereed]
Introduction of Early Stage Control at Foreign Group Company: Overseas Development of Japanese Production Management
Akamon Management Review   15(6)    Jun 2016   [Refereed]

Books etc

Introduction of MOT for the SMEs
Doyukan   Mar 2015   
Brand Design of Sea and Island
Tamotsu Harada, Sayuri Nishida, Hiroshi Koga, The Association of Design about Strategy for Zone Industry and Zone Brand (Part:Contributor)
Fuyo Shobo Syuppan   Jan 2014   
Business Model Innovation
Hirofumi Tatasumoto, Koichi Ogawa (Part:Contributor)
Hakuto Shobo   Nov 2011   
Consensus Standard Strategy
Hirofumi Tatsumoto (Part:Contributor)
Nikkei Inc.   Jul 2008   
“Business Architecture – Strategic design of Product, Organization, Process ”
Akira Takeishi (Part:Contributor)
Yuhikaku   Apr 2001   

Conference Activities & Talks

Construction of Plaform by Manufacturing companies in IoT Era: Integration of Technology and Services by CPS
24th Annual Conference   29 Oct 2017   Japan Academy of International Business Studies
Departure from the Legacy System towards IoT Ara
8th Annual Conference Presentation   25 Mar 2017   Japan MOT Society
Consideration on Competitive Advantage of Manufacturing Industry towards Industrie 4.0 Age
Research Conference 2015, Connected Factory System Session of Manufacturing System Division   16 Mar 2015   The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Innovation by Local Company in Kansai Area
Yuto Tomida
3rd Conference Presentation   6 Sep 2014   Association of Design about Strategy for Zone Industry and Zone Brand
Strategy of the late comer to avoid commoditization: Analysis of patent pattern in the two-dimensional code reader market
Takao Eto
5th Annual Conference Presentation   15 Mar 2014   Japan MOT Society

Research Grants & Projects

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
Project Year: Apr 2016 - Today
Research on Innovations and Standards in the Connected Industries
Project Year: 2016 - 2018    Investigator(s): Chikako Takanashi
Competitive Advantage of Manufacturing in Japan in IoT Era
Project Year: 2016   
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
My recent main research is about how Japanese manufacturers can keep and strength their competitive advantage in the midst of IoT trend. Scope of the research is set not only on big companies but also small and...
Ecosystem of Industry-Academia Projects from the integrated perspective of Resource
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2016    Investigator(s): TAKANASHI Chikako
Some of the results from analyzation are as follows; 1) Boundary-Spanning leadership of Project leader leads to commercial and knowledge performance of the projects 2) the leadership positively effects Resource mobilization from university to lead...
Research on Disruptive Technology of the 4-wheeler Market in the Emerging Country
Honda R& D Co., Ltd: 
Project Year: 2013 - 2014    Investigator(s): Chikako Takanashi

Social Contribution

Lecture on "SME and IoT, The one who takes action can win in IoT business," IoT/IoE Business Seminar, Kyoto IoT/IoE Industry Creation Project, KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21
[]  Feb 2019 - Feb 2019
Lecture on what SMEs should know when they introduce IoT
Moderator for Panel Discussion on Importance of Intellectual Property for IoT business by SMEs and ventures, Global Forum 2019 on Intellectual Property Strategies, Japan Patent Office and National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training
[]  Jan 2019 - Jan 2019
Lecture on How Academic-Industry Projects can bring a company profit? -Based on survey on Academic-Industry Projects of Ritsumeikan University, Bio Medical Device Center, Ritsumeikan University.
[]  Nov 2018 - Nov 2018
Lecture on IoT, IoT Seminar, Broad Regional Economic Partnership, Yamashiro Area Society of Commerce and Industry
[]  Jan 2018 - Jan 2018
Lecture on Use Cases of SME IoT Introduction, SME Management Support Center, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
[]  Nov 2017 - Nov 2017