Kenji Furuya

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Kenji Furuya
University of Tsukuba
Center for Computational Sciences

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2014
Mar 2016
Leiden Observatory

Published Papers

Kayanuma Megumi, Shoji Mitsuo, Furuya Kenji, Aikawa Yuri, Umemura Masayuki, Shigeta Yasuteru
CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS   714 137-142   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
Taquet V, van Dishoeck E. F., Swayne M., Harsono D., Jorgensen J. K., Maud L., Ligterink N. F. W., Mueller H. S. P., Codella C., Altwegg K., Bieler A., Coutens A., Drozdovskaya M. N., Furuya K., Persson M. V, van't Hoff M. L. R., Walsh C., Wampfler S. F.
ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS   618    Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Furuya K., Watanabe Y., Sakai T., Aikawa Y., Yamamoto S.
ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS   615    Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Loomis Ryan A., Cleeves L. Ilsedore, Oberg Karin I., Aikawa Yuri, Bergner Jennifer, Furuya Kenji, Guzman V. V., Walsh Catherine
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL   859(2)    Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Furuya Kenji, Persson Magnus V.
MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY   476(4) 4994-5005   Jun 2018   [Refereed]


Isotopic fractionation in interstellar molecules
Kenji Furuya
Proceedings of IAU Symposium No. 332; Astrochemistry VII – Through the Cosmos from Galaxies to Planets   332 163-174   2018   [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

Hydrogen and nitrogen isotopes follow different fractionation pathways in interstellar clouds [Invited]
Kenji Furuya
Sep 2018   
Astrochemical models of water [Invited]
Kenji Furuya
Astrochemistry: Past, Present, and Future, A meeting in celebration of Ewine van Dishoeck   Jul 2018   
Evolution of ices and deuteration in forming disks [Invited]
Kenji Furuya
Disk formation workshop 2017   Jul 2017   
Isotopic fractionation in interstellar molecules [Invited]
Kenji Furuya
IAU symposium 332 Astrochemistry VII-Through the Cosmos from Galaxies to Planets   Mar 2017   
Water delivery from cores to disks [Invited]
Kenji Furuya
ISSI meeting “From qualitative to quantitative: Exploring the early solar system by connecting comet composition to protoplanetary disk models”   Dec 2016