Makoto Arimura

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Makoto Arimura
Tokai University

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Published Papers

Last PPNB blade maker in the Pottery Neolithic at Tell Ain el-Kerkh, Northwest Syria: The demise of PPNB-type bidirectional blade technology
Makoto Arimura
Decades in Deserts. Essays on Near Eastern Archaeology in honour of Sumio Fujii   191-204   Feb 2019
Some notes on lithic materials from Tsaghkunk, a Neolithic-Chalcolithic site in the Ararat plain
Artur Petrosyan, Makoto Arimura and Boris Gasparyan
Aramazd (Armenian Journal of Near Eastern Studies)   12(1) 35-50   2018
A preliminary report on the 2015 and 2017 field seasons at the Lernagog-1 site in Armenia.
Makoto Arimura, Artur Petrosyan, Dmitri Arakelyan, Samvel Nahapetyan, Boris Gasparyan
Aramazd (Armenian Journal of Near Eastern Studies)   12(1) 1-18   2018
A cultural unity in Northwestern Syria during the Neolithic. Tell Ain Dara III, a PPNB site in the Afrin Valley
Makoto Arimura, Antoine Suleiman
Paleorient   41(2) 85-99   2015   [Refereed]
Exchange of points in the PPNB: points with the Palmyran retouch from Tell Ain el-Kerkh, northwest Syria
Makoto Arimura
Stone Tools in Transition: From Hunter-Gatherers to Farming Societies in the Near East   265-275   2013   [Refereed]
Prehistoric sites in northwest Armenia: Kmlo-2 and Tsaghkahovit
Makoto Arimura, Boris Gasparyan, Christine Chataigner
Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East   3 135-149   2012
LPPNB blade caches at Tell Ain el-Kerkh, north-west Syria
Makoto Arimura
The State of the Stone: Terminologies, Continuities and Contexts in Near Eastern Lithics   373-383   2011   [Refereed]
Current Neolithic Research in Armenia
Makoto Arimura, Ruben Badalyan, Boris Gasparyan, Christine Chataigner
Neo-Lithics   10(1) 77-85   2010
Kmlo 2. An early Holocene site in Armenia
Makoto Arimura, Christine Chataigner, Boris Gasparyan
Neo-Lithics   9(2) 17-19   2009


Christine Chataigner, Ruben Badalyan, Makoto Arimura
Oxford Handbooks Online      Oct 2014   [Invited]

Books etc

Stone Age of Armenia. A Guide-book to the Stone Age Archaeology in the Republic of Armenia
Boris Garaparyan, Makoto Arimura (Part:Joint Editor)
Center for Cultural Resource Studies, Kanazawa University   Dec 2014