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Name  [ Takahashi Daisuke ]

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  • Keio University
    Faculty of Science and Technology Department of Applied Chemistry  
    Associate Professor
  • University of Tsukuba
    Center for Computational Sciences  
  • Waseda University
    Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Fundamental Science and Engineering  
  • Nihon University
    College of Industrial Technology, Department of Applied Molecular Chemistry  
    Assistant Professor
  • Ashikaga Institute of Technology
    Liberal Arts Education Center  
  • Nagano University
    Graduate School of ScienceDivision of Biological Sciences  
  • Saitama University
    Graduate School of Science and Engineering  
    Assistant Professor
  • Keio University
    Research and Education Center for Natural Sciences  
  • Ibaraki University
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Law, Economics and Management  
    Associate Professor