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To Gakkai Meikan
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  • National Institute of Technology, Toyota College
    Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  
  • Sanyo Gakuen University
    Faculty of Humanities, Department of Language and Culture  
  • International Christian University
    College of Liberal Arts Japanese Language Programs  
    Senior Lecturer
  • Ibaraki University
    Institute for Liberal Arts Education, Department of Global Education  
    Associate Professor
  • Tamagawa University
    Center for English as a Lingua Franca,  
    Associate Professor
  • Hokkaido University of Education
    Faculty of Education, Asahikawa Campus  
  • The University of Electro-Communications
    Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering, School of Informatics and Engineering, Division of General Education  
    Associate Professor
  • Niigata University
    Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Humanities  
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
    Organization for the Advancement of Education and Global Learning  
    Associate Professor