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  • National Institute of Polar Research
    Arctic Environment Research Center/Space and Upper Atmospheric Sciences Group  
    Associate Professor
  • The University of Tokyo
    Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies  
  • Tohoku Institute of Technology
    Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture  
    Associate Professor
  • The Tokugawa Art Museum
    Curatorial Section  
    Curator / Manager
  • Fukui Prefectural University
    Center for Arts and Sciences  
    Full-time lecturer
  • National Institute of Polar Research
  • Toyo University
    Faculty of Global and Regional Studies Department of Regional Development Studies  
  • International University of Japan
    Center for Global Communications,International University of Japan  
  • Tsuda University
    College of Liberal Arts Department of International and Cultural Studies  
    Associate Professor
  • Hokkaido University