Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman

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Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Alternative names
Abdurrahman Gülbeyaz
Nagasaki University
School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences
Job title
Associate professor
PhD(Osaka University), MA(University of Hamburg)


I would describe myself as a humanities scholar whose teaching and research work extends to a multi-layered field that arises primarily from the interaction and tension between sociology at one pole and linguistics at the other. Disciplines resp. areas such as Sociological Theories, Sociolinguistics, Semiotics, Speech Philosophy, Multilingualism, Diversity Research, etc., which originate from this dipole field quasi-organically and mark its seamlessly merging zones, make up the bulk of my multidirectional and multimodal research repertoire.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Feb 2019
Associate Professor, School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences, Nagasaki University
Oct 2015
Sep 2017
Associate Professor, College of Languages, Salahaddin University (Iraq)
Apr 2010
Oct 2015
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University
Apr 2006
Mar 2010
Adjunct Professor, Foreign Languages Department, Osaka University of Foreign Studies


Dec 2013
Doctoral Degree, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
Oct 1996
Dec 1999
English Language, Literature and Culture, Faculty of Linguistics master's program, Hamburg University
Apr 1992
Jul 1996
English Language, Literature and Culture, Faculty of Linguistics, Hamburg University

Published Papers

A Study on the Dark Side of the Enlightenment – in Commemoration of the Victims of ‘Sagamihara Stabbings’
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Imaju   71(Summer) 51-56   Aug 2018   [Invited]
On Technology-Supported Education – Paradigm Shift in Language Teaching
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Cybermedia Forum Osaka University   (15) 42-45   Sep 2014   [Refereed][Invited]
Language as an Instrument of Action and Power: Bourdieu versus Saussure and Chomsky
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Lingua-Culture Contexttual Studies in Ethnic Conflicts of the World (Liccosec)   (20) 1-9   Dec 2011   [Refereed]
A Semiotic Study of Myth and Mythology: Exemplified by the Cult of "Khizir" of Asia Minor and "Ak Burkhan" of Altai
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Journal of the Research Institute for World Languages   (5) 33-42   Mar 2011   [Refereed]
Unfettered Meditations on Semiotics with Particular Emphasis on Complex Semiosis
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Journal of the Research Institute for World Languages No. 6   (6) 159-173   Sep 2011   [Refereed]
Musicalization of Language as a Mode of Social Memory Construction and as a Strategy of Self-Preservation of the Oppressed
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Lingua-Culture Contexttual Studies in Ethnic Conflicts of the World (Liccosec)   (12) 73-82   2010   [Refereed]
Transformation Processes in Language and Music Behaviour
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Lingua-Culture Contexttual Studies in Ethnic Conflicts of the World (Liccosec)   (8) 1-13   Dec 2008   [Refereed]
The Intellectual in Modernity and their Portrayal in Early Works of James Joyce
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Hamburg University      1998   [Refereed]

Books etc

Multicultural Experiences in Education
Ibrahim Hakan Karataş (Part:Contributor, Multilingual Education in Social-Conflict Resolution)
Akademik Yayınlar İstanbul   Nov 2016   ISBN:978-605-82831-1-4
In this paper, the phenomena of monolingualism and multilingualism are contemplated both historically and theoretically, and the role of multilingual education in preventing social discrimination, on the one hand, and in conflict resolution and ma...
Meaning in Language and Music: Sign and Slaughter
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
MATSUMOTOKOBO   Jan 2016   ISBN:9784944055746
This work arose from the observation of, and insight into, the circumstance that there is an irreconcilable, antithetical relation between, on the one hand, what is brought into the world by that which terms itself 'human civilisation' in the cour...
Learn Turkish Firmly: Textbook and Grammar for Japanese-speaking Learners of Turkish (with CD)
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Beret Publishing   Apr 2016   ISBN:9784860644680
Introduction to International Studies: with Emphasis on Language, Culture, Region
Sashima, T.; Sato, S.; Iwasaki S.; Murata, T (Eds.)) (Part:Joint Work, The Emergence and Development of Swahili)
Horitsu Bunka Sha   Jun 2015   ISBN:4589036851
Textbook created for the purpose of use in the Faculty of International Relations
Language and the Human Condition: Speech Act and Multilingualism in Conflict Societies
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
MATSUMOTOKOBO   Mar 2015   ISBN:9784944055715
Toward Hetero-Symbiosis and Tolerance
Takashina, Yoshiyuki (Ed.) (Part:Joint Work, Musicalization of Language as a mode of social memory construction and as a strategy of self-preservation of the oppressed: Exemplified by the language and music of the Alevi)
Sang-e-Meel Publications   Jan 2012   ISBN:9693524616
This treatise is a succinct discourse upon the nature and function of transformation of language into music in the context of and in connection with memory and memory related phenomena.
Proceedings of the 6th International Grand Turkish Language Assembly
Hamza Zülfikar, Rasim Özyürek (Eds.) (Part:Contributor, Social Conflict and Linguistic Behaviour: Exemplified by the Contact and Relation between German and Turkish)
Bilkent University   Sep 2011   ISBN:9789756090718
This treatise deals with the theoretical and practical aspects and characteristics of the relationship between social conflict processes and linguistic behavior.
Most Frequently used 1000 Words: in Frequency Order, with Examples
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Daigakushorin   Aug 2011   ISBN:4475011590
Central Eurasian Studies: Past, Present and Future
Hisao Komatsu (Ed.) (Part:Contributor, Transformation Processes in Language and Music Behaviour: In Connection with Power- and Bio-Political Modes of Operation)
Maltepe University Publisher   May 2011   ISBN:9789756760444
The central concern of this treatise is to deal with the question of how significant changes in linguistic and musical systems come into being, which different patterns of these processes are detectable and how these might be meaningfully classified.
Proceedings of the 5th International Grand Turkish Language Assembly
Hamza Zülfikar, Rasim Özyürek (Eds.) (Part:Contributor, Global-Social Transformation Processes and Movement of Languages)
Bilkent University   Sep 2010   ISBN:9789756090602

Conference Activities & Talks

On the Relationship Between Europe And Turkey in Connection with Middle Eastern Wars [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Japan - Kurdistan Parliamentary Friendship Association General Assembly   24 Sep 2019   Japan - Kurdistan Parliamentary Friendship Association
Peace and Language: Seek Shelter When You Hear Peace Songs! [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
3rd International Kurdish Studies Conference   25 Jun 2019   Middlesex University
War and State: What is is going on in the Near East? [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Future of Peace Education: Linking Hawaii and Nagasaki   28 May 2019   
“Native Language” and “Assimilation” on the Test Bench of Kurdish [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Mother tongue and multilingualism: multifactorial aspects, challenges and opportunities   23 Feb 2019   Kurd-Akad & Bielefeld University
Islam within the Context of History of Religion [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Ikeda Prefectural Conference for Human Rights Education   18 Aug 2017   
The Unknown Islam [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Hyogo Prefecture Medical Association   22 Jul 2017   
Teacher as a Source of Error in Foreign Language Teaching [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
alMena Kongress Germanistik und DaF in der MENA-Region   May 2017   
Selected Practical Problems of Didactic Grammars for German as Foreign Language [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
13th International Congress of Turkish Germanists   May 2016   
Social Conflict and Linguistic Behaviour: A Re-reading of the Narrative of the Babel Tower [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Language and the Human Condition: Social Conflict and Linguistic Behaviour – The European Treatment of ‘Kurds’–” Osaka University   Nov 2014   
On the Reception of Macro-Altaic Theory in Japanese and Turkish Studies: A Science-Critical Survey [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Permanent International Altaistic Conference, 57nd Annual Meeting of the PIAC. Vladivostok   Sep 2014   
Qizilbash in Contemporary Turkey and the Music of Qizilbash [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Annual Symposium of the Alevi/Bektashi Research Group at the Osaka International University   Aug 2014   
Meditations on the Ramifications of Deleuzian Thought on Theories of Linguistics and Semiotics [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
The 2nd International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference,   Jun 2014   
Foretokens and Vestiges of Protracted Social Conflict Situations in the Early 20th Century Turkish Literature [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
The 4th Asian Literature and Librarianship.   Apr 2014   
A critical look at the concepts of ‘multilingualism’ and ‘multiculturalism’ on the grounds of Mardin and surrounding areas [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
International Syriac Studies Symposium “Syriac in its Multi-Cultural Context   Apr 2014   Mardin Artuklu University Institute of Living Languages
The Universal and the Language-Specific in the Construction of ‘Gender’: A Comparative Semiotic Study [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Permanent International Altaistic Conference, 56th Annual Meeting of the PIAC   Jul 2013   The Kocaeli University Women’s Studies Centre
Social Conflict and Linguistic Behaviour: "Conflict Reading" [Invited]
Guelbeyaz Abdurrahman
Language and Super-diversity: Explorations and Interrogations University of Jyväskylä   Jun 2013   University of Jyväskylä Finland