ASAHI Yoshiyuki

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ASAHI Yoshiyuki
National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics
Language Variation Division
Job title
Associate Professor
PhD Japanese Linguistics

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Language Variation Division, Department of Reserach, NINJAL

Awards & Honors

Mar 2010
第9回徳川宗賢賞優秀賞, 社会言語科学会

Published Papers

Interface between regional and social dialects in Hokkaido: The case of the small town of Tokoro
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Multilingual Perspectives in Geolinguistics   62-68   May 2015   [Refereed]
KATAOKA Kuniyoshi and ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Journal of Sociolinguistics   19(2) 133-160   Apr 2015
Pronoun Usge of Japanese Plantation Immigrants in Hawaii
HIRAMOTO Mie and ASAHI Yoshiyuki
NINJAL Research Papers   (6) 19-28   Nov 2013   [Refereed]
Dialect Contact and Pronoun Uses of Japanese Plantation Immigrants in Hawai‘i
Mie Hiramoto, Hiroyuki Shiraiwa, and Yoshiyuki Asahi
Working Papers from NWAV Asia-Pacific 2   1-8   Apr 2013   [Refereed]
Real Time Change in Intra-speaker Variation: Evidence from Kushiro Japanese
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Working Papers from NWAV Asia-Pacific 2   1-8   Apr 2013   [Refereed]
On the relationship of two Japanese regional koines: evidence from pitch-accent patterns in Karafuto and Hokkaido Japanese
朝日 祥之
Bamberg Studies in English Linguistics   54 321-330   Aug 2010   [Refereed]
A new sociolinguistic taxonomy, 'cookbook,' and immigrant communities
Asahi, Yoshiyuki
Slavia Centralis   (1) 113-123   Jul 2010   [Refereed]
Linguistic features of a Japanese Variety in a Japanese Diaspora: An evidence from a Sakhalin Japanese speaker of Uilta
Asahi, Yoshiyuki
Linguistic world of Sakhalin (edited by Toshiro TSUMAGARI, Hokkaido University Press)   27-40   Mar 2009
‘Cookbook method’ and koine-formation: a case of the Karafuto dialect in Sakhalin
Asahi, Yoshiyuki
Dialectologia   2 1-21   Mar 2009   [Refereed]
Endangered Languages and Japanese Language Education in Sakhalin
Asahi, Yoshiyuki
Proceedings of the FEL XII Twelfth conference of the foundation for the endangered languages (Nicholas Ostler, Tjeerd de Graaf (eds.))   63-70   Sep 2008   [Refereed]


Review on the fourteenth international conference on METHODS in Dialectology
Alena Barysevich and Yoshiyuki Asahi
Dialectologia   8 115-166   Dec 2011

Conference Activities & Talks

Language policy on Japanese honorifics NINJAL survey on honorifics and National Language Council's activities,
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
4th Forum of National Language Strategies, Nanjing University   28 Nov 2019   
Proposal of loanword paraphrase in Japan: NINJAL's attempt and its effect. [Invited]
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
2nd workshop of the Language Strategies   27 Nov 2019   
Implementation of a Nisei Japanese American Biography and Open Innovation in Science: A Collaborative Approach.
Yoshiyuki Asahi, Eveline Eveline Wandl-Vogt and Jose Luis Preza Diaz
BD2019   5 Sep 2019   
Long-term results of dialect contact in Hokkaido: Koineization, standardization and stylistic variation [Invited]
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
ULS17   24 Aug 2019   
Role of stylistic variation in a city: evidence from a real-time study in Hokkaido Japan
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Symposium on sociolinguistic variation in signed and spoken languages of the Asia-Pacific region   12 Jul 2019   
Picture brides and their language in Hawai’i: Role of Japanese,Ryukyuan and Hawaiian in their discourse
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
International Pragmatics Association Conference 2019   10 Jun 2019   
Stylistic changes in the local assembly speeches in Nagoya: a case of Takeshi Kawamura.
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
NINJAL project on the stylistic variation studies on Local Assembly minutes, NINJAL   27 Mar 2019   
Access the resources to deepen understanding of the languages in Sakhalin
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Workshop on The Studies of the Empire of Japan and Its Legacies New Directions and New Perspectives ~ A new research initiative for the advancement of Asia-Pacific Studies on UHM campus   13 Mar 2019   
The Impacts of the Japanese Empire on multilingualism and multiculturalism in Sakhalin,
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
The Studies of the Empire of Japan and Its Legacies New Directions and New Perspectives ~ A new research initiative for the advancement of Asia-Pacific Studies on UHM campus ~   12 Mar 2019   
20-years language change in Hokkaido dialects: Evidence from real-time study in Sapporo, Furano, and Kushiro
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Urban Language Seminar 16   12 Sep 2018   
Collaborative approaches to implement science as a service in an open innovation in science framework Japanese diaspora studies on the example of Thomas Taro
ASAHI Yoshiyuki,Eveline Wandl-Vogt and Jose Luis Preza Dia
Japanese Association of Digital Humanities   10 Sep 2018   
Comparative account of High Vowel Loss in diaspora Japanese: Evidence from Hawai`i and US
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
SIDG9   24 Jul 2018   
A quantitative study of the Vowel Loss in Hawai`i and American Japanese
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Sociolinguistics Symposium 22   28 Jun 2018   
High vowel loss amongst Japanese picture brides in the US
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
NWAV-AP5   1 Feb 2018   
Linguistic features in the Japanese phrase books during WWII [Invited]
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Spies, Prisoners, and Farmers: The Origins of Japanese Studies at Michigan   29 Nov 2017   
Old and New Trends in Japanese Dialect [Invited]
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Japanese Seminar Lecture, Charles University Prague   20 Nov 2017   
Detecting and mining biographical data from audio/audio-visual magnetic tapes: A case of the Japanese American collections in the US
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
BD 2017   7 Nov 2017   
Use of English words to pronounce Japanese expressions: Evidence from some Japanese language textbooks during WWII
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
EAJS 2017   1 Sep 2017   
Picture brides and their Japanese dialects: Evidence from their life story interviews in Hawai'i.
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Methods in Dialectology XVI   8 Aug 2017   
[V + ~te ageru] in instructor speech: Polite register as a social dialect in YouTube tutorial videos.
Hiramoto, Mie. Asahi, Yoshiyuki
Methods in Dialectology XVI   7 Aug 2017   
Innovative Dialects: The Spoken (Social/Regional) Dialects in Media
Yoshiyuki Asahi, Rebecca Starr, Mie Hiramoto
Methods in Dialectology XVI   7 Aug 2017   
Vowel deletion in the dialect of Lesvos (Northern Greece): From an acoustic analysis perspective
Dimitris Papazachariou and Yoshiyuki Asahi
Iclave 9   6 Jun 2017   
Introduction: Workshop Day 3 NINJAL-NMJH-UHM Workshop “Underdescribed languages and histories: linguist’s and historian’s approaches”
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
“Underdescribed languages and histories: linguist’s and historian’s approaches”   18 May 2017   
Sociolinguistic approaches to ‘Buried voices’ in Hawai`i
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Underdescribed languages and histories: Linguist’s and Historian’s challenges   18 May 2017   
Little Gifu in Tokoro: Dialect contact, maintenance, and change in the Japanese small town in Hokkaido
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Sociolinguistics symposium 21   17 Jun 2016   
An innovative use of Japanese ‘verb-te-ageru’ in instructional speech: A Japanese women’s language hypothesis
HIRAMOTO Mie and ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Sociolinguistics symposium 21   16 Jun 2016   
The role of a standard variety in the new town koine formation
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Globalising Sociolinguistics 2015   18 Jun 2015   
Interface between regional and social dialects of Tokoro, a small town of Hokkaido
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
American Society of Geolinguistics Conference   11 Apr 2015   
Use of foreign-origin personal pronouns: Ob ser vations in overseas varieties of Japanese
HIRAMOTO MIe and ASAHI Yoshiyuki
2015 Winter SPCL (Society for Pidgin and Creole Languages)   10 Jan 2015   
Sociolinguistics of Karafuto and Sakhalin Japanese [Invited]
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
NINJAL Int'l Symposim: Crosslinguistics and Linguistic Crossing in Northeast Asia   28 Nov 2014   
Linguistic features in the: “Buried Issei Japanese Voice” in the Americas
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Methods XV   15 Aug 2014   
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Sociolinguistics Symposium 20   17 Jun 2014   
On the Change of Allophones of /g/ in Japanese: A quantitative analysis based on large -­ scale surveys
NAMBU Satoshi, ASAHI Yoshiyuki, AIZAWA Masao
NWAV-AP3   3 May 2014   
Legacies of Gifu and Tosa dialects in a small town of Tokoro in Hokkaido
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
NWAV-AP3   1 May 2014   
Japanese Language School Textbooks in California and São Paulo in the Pre-war Period Compared: A textbook and linguistic Analysis
Toyotomi MORIMOTO and Yoshiyuki ASAHI
CIES   12 Mar 2014   
Use of foreign-origin personal pronouns: Observations in overseas Japanese
ASAHI Yoshiyuki and HIRAMOTO Mie
Celebrating 50 years of Linguistics at UH Manoa Symposium   7 Mar 2014   
The role of 'founders' and dialect levelling: evidence from Japanese around the world [Invited]
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
LVC Talk (U of York, UK)   13 Feb 2014   
Kibei's ways of speaking three languages, Japanese, Ryukyuan and English: Evidence from Thomas Taro Higa
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
112th AAA   24 Nov 2013   
Old and New Ways of Japanese Urban Dialectology [Invited]
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Urban Language Seminar 11   17 Aug 2013   
Does extremely high dialect contact really lead to simplification?: A comparative account of British and Japanese New Towns
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
ICLaVE 7   27 Jun 2013   
Pronoun uses of Japanese plantation immigrants in Hawaii
NINJAL Salon 92   21 May 2013   
Migration and Japanese language in Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands: their socio-cultural histories and linguistic outcomes
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Japanese Anthropology Workshop 2013   9 Mar 2013   
Interdisciplinary approaches to re-utilize the buried oral history data in Japanese
ASAHI Yoshiyuki, MORIMOTO Toyotomi, and KOJIMA Shigeru
111th American Anthropology Association   18 Nov 2012   
Effect of the community design in the development of new language varieties: two cases from Japanese and British New Town
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Regional Varieties, Language Shift and Linguistic Identities   Sep 2012   
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
A comparison of real-time language changes in two Japanese koines
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Sociolinguistics Symposium 19   Aug 2012   
Use of foreign-origin personal pronouns: Observations in overseas varieties of Japanese
Hirayamoto Mie, Asahi Yoshiyuki
Sociolinguistics symposium 19   Aug 2012   
Sociolinguistic Variation in the Pitch Movement of Japanese Dialects
Ichiro Ota, Shoji Takano, Hitoshi Nikaido, Akira Utsugi, Yoshiyuki Asahi
NWAV-AP2   Aug 2012   
Real-time change in intra-speaker variation: evidence from Hokkaido Japanese
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
NWAV-AP2   Aug 2012   
Japanese Sociolinguistics: its past, present, and the future
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
NWAV-AP2   Aug 2012   
20 years' real-time change in Hokkaido Japanese: a comparison between two regional koines
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
SIDG 7   Jul 2012   
Cotact dialectological approrach sociolinguistic typology
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
Contact dialectology and sociolinguistic typology   Mar 2012   
High dialect contact, acquisition of sociolinguistic variation and the role of a standard variety: the case of a Japanese New Town
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
ViLA (Variation in Language Acquisition) 2012   Feb 2012   
On the nativisation of a new town koine: a case of Japanese Seishin New Town
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
9th international conference on urban language survey   Nov 2011   
Role of working experience and age in the innovative honorific forms
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
NWAV40   Oct 2011   
Japanese Language in Hawaii
Asahi Yoshiyuki, Furukawa Gavin, and Hiramoto Mie
International Symposium: Interdisciplinary approaches to oral history data, University of Hawaii at Manoa   Aug 2011   
Why use oral history records into linguistic studies?
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
International Symposium: Interdisciplinary approaches to oral history data, University of Hawaii at Manoa   Aug 2011   
Opening remarks: Interdisciplinary approaches to oral history records
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
International Symposium: Interdisciplinary approaches to oral history data, University of Hawaii at Manoa   Aug 2011   
Linguistic outcomes of similar dialectcontact situations in three Japanesespeaking communities
ASAHI Yoshiyuki
ICHL2010   Jul 2011   
Rises and Falls of the three Japanese Regional Koines
Asahi, Yoshiyuki
12th New Zealand Language and Society Conference   Nov 2010   
'Koineoid' as a result of koineisation: evidence from a Japanese contact dialect
Yoshiyuki Asahi
Sociolingusitics Symposium 18   Sep 2010   
Dephrasing as a Sociolinguistic Variable in Japanese Regional Dialects
Ichiro Ota, Shoji Takano, Hitoshi Nikaido, Akira Utsugi, Yoshiyuki Asahi
Sociolinguistics Symposium 18   Sep 2010   
Innovative contact-induced phenomena in an endocentric urban community of New Town [Invited]
Yoshiyuki Asahi
Shaping of Language: the relationship between the structures of languages and their social, cultural, historical and natural environments   Jul 2010   
Recording the Japanese Language on Sakhalin
Yoshiyuki Asahi
Japanese colonial past of the Mariana islands   May 2010   
A Japanese Contact Variety on the Russian Island of Sakhalin
Yoshiyuki Asahi
Special Lecture at University of New England, Australia   Mar 2010   
Japanese and British Contributions to Sociolinguistic Typology
Asahi, Yoshiyuki
LVLT(Language Variation and Linguistic Theory) Talk   Dec 2010   
Nivkh Japanese in a story telling
Asahi, Yoshiyuki
Language Seminar at UCL   Dec 2010   

Teaching Experience