Amano Patino Midori Estefani

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Amano Patino Midori Estefani
Alternative names
Midori Amano Patino / ME Amano Patino / 天野パチノ緑 / MA Patino
Midori Amano
Kyoto University
Institute for Chemical Research
DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry(University of Oxford), BSc in Chemistry(National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM)
Other affiliation
Research Unit for Development of Global Sustainability


My major is in Inorganic Solid State Chemistry and I have worked extensively in the synthesis and characterization of complex transition-metal oxide materials exhibiting magnetic and electric properties. On the side of the synthesis, my research has mainly focused in the preparation of metastable perovskite-structure materials by topochemical (structure preserving) methods. Such methods enable stabilization of thermodynamically metastable products of solid state reactions, by utilizing the different rates of mobility of cations with respect to anions or vice versa. Metastable materials often exhibit non-conventional oxidation states and coordination geometries, which in turn result in exciting magnetic and electric behaviour among physical properties. Recently, I have been exploring the application of topochemical synthetic approaches for investigation of the structural aspects which affect oxide-ion conduction in materials for potential applications in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs).

Research Areas

  • Materials chemistry / Device related chemistry / Solid state materials for applications in sustainable technologies
  • Materials chemistry / Device related chemistry / Solid state materials with technologically relevant magnetic and electric properties

Academic & Professional Experience

Aug 2019
Sep 2019
External Examiner, Advanced Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Sciences, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Jan 2017
Mar 2017
Research Manager, Puebla City, Mexico, Market Stone S.A. de C.V.
Jan 2008
Jan 2009
Research stay: Coordinated Compounds of Copper as Biomimetic Catalytists for Oxidation Processes, Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry Department, Chemistry Faculty, UNAM
Jul 2009
Jan 2010
Research Stay: Experimental Model for the Removal of Pollutants and Metals from Waste Waters by Means of Natural and Physicochemical Processes, Institute of Engineering (IINGEN), UNAM
May 2009
Jun 2009
Research stay: Study of TiO2 layers by electro-deposition, Physical Chemistry Department, Institute of Chemistry (IQ), UNAM

Awards & Honors

Presentation Award 2019, The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ)
Research Fellowship, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Graduate Fellowship, University of Oxford, Balliol College
Dissertation Merit Award, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
Project Award, Research for Innovation and Technology Programme (PAPIIT)
Synthesis and Characterization of Materials for Magnetic Refrigeration

Published Papers

Koedtruad A, Goto M, Amano Patino M, Tan Z, Guo H, Nakamura T, Handa T, Chen W.-T, Chuang Y.-C, Sheu H.-S, Saito T, Kan D, Kanemitsu Y, Wakamiya A, Shimakawa Y.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A   7(10) 5583-5588   2019   [Refereed]
Denis Romero F, Xiong P, Amano Patino M, Saito T, Kayser P, Attfield J.P, Shimakawa Y.
Chemistry of Materials   30(15) 5493-5499   2018   [Refereed]
Tan Z, Saito T, Denis Romero F, Amano Patino M, Goto M, Chen W.-T, Chuang Y.-C, Sheu H.-S, Shimakawa Y.
Inorganic Chemistry   57(16) 10410-10415   2018   [Refereed]
Amano Patino M, Zeng D, Blundell S.J, McGrady J.E, Hayward M.A.
Inorganic Chemistry   57(5) 2890-2898   2018   [Refereed]
Yamamoto Takafumi, Zeng Dihao, Kawakami Takateru, Arcisauskaite Vaida, Yata Kanami, Patino Midori Amano, Izumo Nana, McGrady John E, Kageyama Hiroshi, Hayward Michael A
Nature Communications   8(1) 1217   2017   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Unusual magnetic ordering and switching of iron spins at the A'-sites in CaFe3Ti4O12
Midori Amano Patino, Fabio Denis Romero, Masato Goto, Saito Takashi, Yuichi Shimakawa
Core-to-Core Symposium   Jun 2019   
Unusual magnetic spin ordering and switching of square-planar Fe2+ in CaFe3Ti4O12 [Invited]
Midori Amano Patino, Fabio Denis Romero, Masato Goto, Saito Takashi, Yuichi Shimakawa
International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (ICCMSE)   May 2019   
Magnetic order of A'-site iron spins in CaFe3Ti4O12 and field-induced switching
Midori Amano Patino, Fabio Denis Romero, Masato Goto, Saito Takashi, Yuichi Shimakawa
The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) Annual Meeting   Mar 2019   
Field-induced Magnetic Order Switching of A’-site Iron Spins in CaFe3Ti4O12
Midori Amano Patino, Fabio Denis Romero, Masato Goto, Saito Takashi, Yuichi Shimakawa
The Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting   Nov 2018   
Structural and Magnetic Properties of Cation-ordered Perovskite Structure Materials Containing A-site Iron
Amano Patino Midori Estefani
The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) Annual Meeting   Mar 2018   

Teaching Experience