AIZAWA Tomokatsu

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AIZAWA Tomokatsu
Tokyo Metropolitan College of Technology
Job title
Professor Emeritus

Research Areas


Published Papers

Comparison between Simple Seam Welding and Adjacent Parallel Seam Welding by Magnetic Pulse Sheet-Welding Method
Materals Science Forum   910 19-24   2018   [Refereed]
Magnetic Pulse Welding of Al/Cu Sheets using 6-Turn Flat Coil
AIZAWA Tomokatu
Proc. 10th Int. Conf. on Trends in Welding Research, Tokyo, Japan   964-967   2016
Journal of Materials Processing Technology   213(7) 1095-1102   2013


Equivalent Combinations of Discharge Capacitor Bank and Multi-Turn Coil in Magnetic Pulse Welding of Al/Cu Sheets
IEICE Technical report   118(290) 27-32   2018
Electromagnetic Energy Transmission in Magnetic Pulse Welding of Al/Cu Sheets using 1, 3, 4 and 6 Turn Flat Coils
IEICE Technical Report   117(312) 21-26   2017
Magnetic Pulse Spot Welding of Flexible Printed Circuits
IEICE Technical report   115(291) 63-66   2015
Electromagnetic energy transport on magnetic pulse welding for sheet metals
Journal of Light Metal Welding   52(5) 13-18   2014

Conference Activities & Talks

Magnetic Pulse Welding of Sheet Metals using Flat Three-Turn Coil
International Workshop on Explosion, Shock-wave and High-velocity Phenomena   2015   
Spot Welding of Copper Foils on Flexible Print Circuit by Applying Magnetic Pressure [Invited]
International welding-show Forum on Micro Joining and Processing 2010   23 Apr 2010   
Welding and Forming of Sheet Metals by Using Magnetic Pulse Welding (MPW) Technique
4th Int. Conf. on High Speed Forming, Columbus-Ohio, USA   2010   
Magnetic Pressure Welding of Aluminum Plate and Wire
23rd Int. Conf. on Electrical Contacts, together with IS-EMD   2006   
Magmetic Pulse Welding (MPW) Method for Dissimilar Sheet Metal Joints
57th Anual Assembly of the IIW, Osaka, Japan   Jul 2004   


特許Japanese Patent 3751153 : Electromagnetic seam welding method for thin metal plates
US Patent Application 20100059254 : Conductor module and electromagnetic welding method
US Patent US7361839B2 : Electromagnetic welding method and conductor module