Barnaby Ralph

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Barnaby Ralph
Seikei University
Faculty of Humanities, Department of English
Job title
PhD(University of Queensland)

Research Areas

  • Literature / Literature in English / Comparative aesthetic thought, authenticity and culture, interdisciplinarity

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Seikei University
Apr 2015
Mar 2019
Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Seikei University
Apr 2014
Mar 2015
Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Tokyo Kasei University
Apr 2010
Mar 2014
Associate Professor, Department of Literature and Culture in English, Tokyo Woman's Christian University


Mar 2001
Mar 2009
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Queensland

Awards & Honors

Mar 2001
Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship, University of Queensland
Oct 2000
Griffith University Postgraduate Association Award for Excellence, Griffith University

Published Papers

Turner, Dickens and Melville at the Mercy of the Sea: The Nineteenth-Century Sublime in Britain and America
Barnaby Ralph, Neil Addison
The Interconnections between Victorian Writers, Artists and Places (CSP, ed. Kumiko Tanabe)   200-228   Sep 2019   [Refereed][Invited]
Enterprise Bargaining: A Popular Culture Representaton of Neoliberalist Cultural Hegemony
Barnaby Ralph
Seikei Review of English Studies   (23) 39-54   Jun 2019
Barnaby Ralph, trans. Yuko Hori
Facets of English (Book)   171-202   Mar 2019   [Invited]
Taboos and bad language in the mouths of politicians and in advertising
Toby Ralph and Barnaby Ralph
The Oxford Handbook of Taboo Words and Language   311-333   Nov 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
"To Circle Round One Centre of Pain": Oscar Wilde, Thomas Hardy, and the Human Condition
Neil Addison and Barnaby Ralph
Oscar Wilde Studies   16 115-140   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
Manifestations of the Pre-Burkean Sublime in Britain: Milton, Wren, Thornhill and Handel
Barnaby Ralph, Ayako Otomo
Seikei Review of English Studies   (21) 39-52   Jun 2017
A Room of One's Own
Barnaby Ralph
Proceedings of the 89th General Meeting of the English Literary Society of Japan   207-208   Oct 2017   [Invited]
"Therein Intermix'd": Psyche and the London Restoration Stage
Barnaby Ralph
London and Literature 1603-1901 (CSP)   17-34   Jan 2017   [Invited]
Wilde and Continental Satiric Models
Barnaby Ralph, Yuko Hori
Oscar Wilde Studies   (15) 85-100   Nov 2016   [Refereed]
Sharpening the Critical Gaze: Teaching Literary Theory in a Japanese University
Barnaby Ralph
Bulletin of the Faculty of Humanities, Seikei University   (51) 21-32   Mar 2016   [Invited]


Review: "The Democracy of Suffering," by Todd Dufresne
Barnaby Ralph
The Japan Times   October 6th Sunday Edition 18   Oct 2019

Books etc

London and Literature, 1603-1901
Barnaby Ralph, Angela Kikue Davenport, Yui Nakatsuma (Part:Joint Editor)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing   Jan 2017   

Conference Activities & Talks

Getting it Wrong with the Best of Intentions: Writing about Women and Contemporary Rock Music in Japan [Invited]
Barnaby Ralph
Gauging the Distance: On the Challenges of Writing about Pre- and Post-Fukushima Japan from a Western Perspective   23 Nov 2019   
Suckling at the Devil's Teat: The Strange Case of Montague Summers
Barnaby Ralph
Gothic Spaces   20 Oct 2019   
Co-Convenor of Conference and Panel Chair [Invited]
Barnaby Ralph (with Professor Fuhito Endo)
10th Annual Liberlit Conference, Seikei University, Japan   1 Jun 2019   
Habits of Feeling: The De-Theologization of Early Modern Discourses of Emotion [Invited]
Barnaby Ralph
Deviating with Freud: Discussions with George Makari (Seikei University)   21 Mar 2019   
Boileau to Blair: The Shifting Centre of Rhetoric in the Long Eighteenth Century [Invited]
Barnaby Ralph
Writing Style: A One-Day Symposium (Tokyo Woman's Christian University)   8 Feb 2019   


Vision Quest English Expression I (Standard Workbook) - Editorial consultant
Barnaby Ralph   Educational Materials   Feb 2017
Vision Quest English Expression I (Core) - Editorial consultant
Keirinkan Publishing   Educational Materials   Apr 2016
Vision Quest English Expression I (Standard Revised) - Editorial consultant
Keirinkan Publishing   Educational Materials   Apr 2016
Vision Quest English Expression I (Advanced Revised) - Editorial consultant
Keirinkan Publishing   Educational Materials   Apr 2016

Research Grants & Projects

The interactive/ reciprocal relationships between Western music/ culture and Japanese music/culture in the the 20th (and 21st) century
Centre for Asia Pacific Studies: CAPS
Project Year: Apr 2016 - Mar 2019    Investigator(s): Kei Hibino, Barnaby Ralph, Henry Johnson
Research Project Grant
Griffith University: 
Project Year: Jun 2004 - Dec 2004    Investigator(s): Barnaby Ralph
Departmental Grant for Postgraduate Research
University of Queensland: 
Project Year: Oct 2003 - Mar 2004    Investigator(s): Barnaby Ralph
Departmental Grant for Postgraduate Research
University of Queensland: 
Project Year: Oct 2002 - Mar 2003    Investigator(s): Barnaby Ralph
University of Queensland Graduate Research School Travel Award
University of Queensland: 
Project Year: Jul 2002 - Mar 2003    Investigator(s): Barnaby Ralph