Evgeny Blinov

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Evgeny Blinov
University of Toulouse 2
Doctor of Philosophy(University of Toulouse 2)

Research Areas


Published Papers

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the revolutionary politics of language
Evgeny Blinov
Logos   96(6) 67-96   2013   [Refereed]
Social Epistemology, Interdisciplinarity and Context. A Discussion by Ilya Kasavin, Tom Rockmore and Evgeny Blinov
Evgeny Blinov
epistemology and philosophy of science   37(3) 57-75   2013   [Refereed]
Anatomy of labyrinth: David Hume about personal identity
Evgeny Blinov
Epistemology and philosophy of science   36(2) 195-209   2013   [Refereed]
From the order of words to the order-words: the birth of language policy in France in the era of Great Revolution
Evgeny Blinov
Interpretationes, Studia Philosophica Europeana   2(2) 9-22   2012   [Refereed]
Political philosophy of language: towards a new typology of vehicularity
Evgeny Blinov
Epistemology and philosophy of science   29(3) 165-175   2011   [Refereed]
Lock’s doctrine of personal identity
Evgeny Blinov
Filosofskije Nauki   47-66   Mar 2007   [Refereed]

Books etc

La citoyenneté
J.M.Counet (ed.) (Part:Joint Work, L’idiome national et la Révolution : citoyenneté, uniformité langagière, discipline)
Leuven: Peters   2015   
Différence, différend : Deleuze et Lyotard
Enaudeau, C. et Fruteau de Laclos, F. (eds.) (Part:Joint Work, L’Ancien régime des signes : Deleuze et Lyotard en deça et au-delà du structuralisme)
Belles Lettres: Encre Marine   2015   
David Hume and contemporary philosophy
Ilya Kasavin (ed.) (Part:Joint Work, Hume, Deleuze and social theory: superior empiricism and its consequences)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing   2012   

Conference Activities & Talks

The Order Words by Deleuze and Guattari: epistemological status and political function
Evgeny Blinov
Spring 2016 Meeting of FJSP   19 Mar 2016   French-Japanese Society of Philosophy
New Medias and the Transformation of Journalistic field in Russia in the 2010s
Evgeny Blinov
Publishing “differently”. Small publishers, independent journalists and bloggers in Russia‏   1 Oct 2015   EHESS
Deterritorialization of the sign: the origin of language and the origin of society in Anti-Oedipus
Evgeny Blinov
Spring 2015 Meeting of FJSP   21 Mar 2015   French-Japanese Society of Philosophy
The People that is Missing: History of Language and Narrative Discontinuity
Evgeny Blinov
Philosophy of History and History of Philoosophy   11 Feb 2015   Europhilosophy Association
"Great War" and the Philosophical Crusade: Black Hussars of the Republic against German Mandarines [Invited]
Evgeny Blinov
Intellectuals are Going to War: 100 years since the Beginning of the World War I   6 Nov 2014   Higher School of Economics National Research University