Hirose Fumiaki

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Hirose Fumiaki

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Contract Researcher, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization Institute of Agribiological Sciences, NARO, Division of Applied Genetics, Plant Genome Engineering Research Unit,

Published Papers

Hirose F, Inagaki N, Takano M
Plant signaling & behavior   8(3) e23424   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Hirose F, Inagaki N, Hanada A, Yamaguchi S, Kamiya Y, Miyao A, Hirochika H, Takano M
Plant & cell physiology   53(9) 1570-1582   Sep 2012   [Refereed]
Hirose F, Shinomura T, Tanabata T, Shimada H, Takano M
Plant & cell physiology   47(7) 915-925   Jul 2006   [Refereed]