Ryota Ishibashi

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Ryota Ishibashi
Tokyo Metropolitan University
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Ishibashi Ryota, Hashiguchi Hiroe
ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集   2014 3P2-O02(1)-"3P2-O02(2)"   May 2014
This paper focuses on the finger-tip dynamics and the cutaneous mechanoreceptors called F A1(S A1), and investigate how they work around the control strategy of the fingertip tracing motion. In the experiments, we analyzed the nonlinear biomechani...
Kino Hitoshi, Ochi Hiroaki, Tahara Kenji, Matsutani Yuki, Ishibashi Ryota
JRSJ   32(4) 372-379   2014
This paper focuses on the feedforward position control for a musculoskeletal system which has two links, two joints and six muscles. This feedforward control method utilizes the resultant torque generated by inputting the internal force among musc...
Igakura Takashi, Shimizu Tsuyoshi, Ishibashi Ryota, Kojima Akira
Transactions of the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers   26(10) 345-354   2013
The understanding of the pedestrian behavior in the crowd is indispensable for the assessment of urban layout and various approaches are reported for evaluating the safety of the social infrastructures. In this paper, a simulation model of pedestr...
Yokoe Hidenobu, Ishibashi Ryota, Kojima Akira
Proceedings of the Japan Joint Automatic Control Conference   54(0) 167-167   2011
To simulate the traffic flow is an effective way to resolve the traffic congestion problem. In this paper, we propose a traffic flow model based on the MLD (Mixed Logical Dynamical) system approach is one of the Hybrid system approach. The simulat...
Zou ShiSheng, Ishibashi Ryota, Takesue Naoyuki, Kojima Akira
Proceedings of the Japan Joint Automatic Control Conference   54(0) 53-53   2011
Model predictive control is a sort of optimization control which computes the optimized solution of a constrained system online. The advantage of the control method is that it has the ability to cope with the nonlinearity and uncertainty of the sy...