David Sprague

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David Sprague
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
Job title
Research Appointment Staff

Academic & Professional Experience

National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
University of Tsukuba

Awards & Honors

Sinfonica Statistical GIS Award, SINFONICA: Statistical Information Institute for Consulting and Analysis
Winner: David Sprague, Nobusuke Iwasaki


What are the Rapid Survey Maps?
Nobusuke Iwasaki, David Sprague
Nature Conservation   (554) 8-9   2016
David Sprague
Cultural Anthropology - Virtual Edition      2011

Published Papers

Toshihiro Sakamoto, David S. Sprague, Katsuo Okamoto, Naoki Ishitsuka
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David S. Sprague
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David Sprague, Nobusuke Iwasaki
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David Sprague, Nobusuke Iwasaki
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David Sprague, Nobusuke Iwasaki
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Sprague David
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Environmental Management   24 273-280   Jan 1999   [Refereed]
The Bemba people of northern Zambia practice citemene shifting cultivation. We utilized Landsat satellite images from 1984 and 1992 to map the distribution of citemene fields in those two years and to assess changes in the spatial sustainability o...

Conference Activities & Talks

Distribution and persistence of yatsu rice paddies in the Kanto Plain
David Sprague
GIS Association of Japan   Oct 2018   
Mapping interindividual distances and activities of Japanese macaques from simultaneous focal follow data
D. S. Sprague, M. Nishikawa, M. Suzuki
Primate Society of Japan   Jul 2018   
Distribution and adjacent land uses of “yatsuta” within stream systems
D. S. Sprague
Association of Japanese Geographers   Mar 2018   
Distribution and topographic conditions of yatsuta in the Kanto Region
D. S. Sprague
GIS Association of Japan   Oct 2017   
A GIS database of "yatsuta" constructed from map data
D. S. Sprague
Association of Japanese Geographers   Mar 2017   
Evaluating Landsat image analysis methods for developing a rice cropping map
T. Sakamoto, K. Okamoto, N. Ishitsuka, D. Sprague
Remote Sensing Society of Japan   Nov 2016   
Japan Rice Paddy Map "Kanto": Mapping using the water index and vegetation index
K. Okamoto, T. Sakamoto, N. Ishitsuka, D. Sprague
Japan Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing   Nov 2016   
Nobusuke Iwasaki, David S. Sprague, Naoko Fujita, Ikuhiro Teramoto, Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Ecological Society of Japan   2016   
New meanings for old places for all to see: Japanese historical maps in the age of the internet
D. S. Sprague, N. Iwasaki
Asian Studies Conference Japan   2015   
Developing a GIS database of the Rapid Survey Map for historical rural landscape restoration
D. S. Sprague, N. Iwasaki
GIS Association of Japan   2015   
Accuracy and reproducability of classifying rice paddies based on width
D. S. Sprague, N. Iwasaki
GIS Association of Japan   2014   
Reconstructing the spatial structure and changes in land use of rural villages from the Rapid Survey Maps
D. S. Sprague
Association of Japanese Geographers   2013   
Land use change over 130 years in the Boso Peninsula
Nobusuke Iwasaki, David S. Sprague, Ikuhiro Teramoto, Naoko Fujita
Ecological Society of Japan   2013   
Rapid Survey Maps: Establishing GIS analysis methods and discovering new uses with internet publication
D. S. Sprague, N. Iwasaki
GIS Association of Japan   2013   
Multi-temporal analysis of variable trends in rural land use changes over 130 years in the northern Kanto Plain, Japan, starting with the Rapid Survey Maps
David Sprague; Nobusuke Iwasaki
International Geographical Union: Kyoto Regional Conference   2013   
Geo-data for agricultural and historical environments in Japan
D. Sprague
International Workshop on Advanced Use of Satellite- and Geo-Information for Agricultural and Environmental Intelligence - In Association with MARCO, NIAES   2011   
Internationalizing the Satoyama: a new countryside paradigm for the World?
D. Sprague
Anthropology of Japan in Japan (AJJ)   2010   
A World Heritage for monkeys: defining and mapping the natural and human realms on Yakushima Island, Japan
D. Sprague
Environmental Histories Of Europe And Japan (The Oxford-Nagoya Environment Seminar), Nagoya University   2010   
Agri-environmental indicators for biodiversity in the rice paddy landscape
D. Sprague, S. Yamamoto, T. Amano, K. Matsumori
OECD Workshop on Agri-Environmental Indicators   2010   
N. Iwasaki, D. Sprague
Association of Rural Planning   2009   
N. Iwasaki, D. Sprague
Ecological Society of Japan   2009   
Historical GIS analysis of rural land use change in the Kanto Plan of Japan
D. Sprague
14th International Conference of Historical Geographers   2009   
Spatial frameworks of land use and development: the environmental history of the Kanto Plane, Japan
D. Sprague
1st World Congress of Environmental History   2009   
Commons lost, land possessed: the fate of rural grasslands from early-modern Japan
D. Sprague
American Anthropological Association   2009   
How green is my rice paddy: Nature friendly agricultural policy in Japan
D. Sprague
Anthropology of Japan in Japan (AJJ)   2009   
岩崎亘典, D.スプレイグ, 小柳知代, 山本勝利
Ecological Society of Japan   14 Mar 2008   
溜め池に生息するトンボの 種構成:土地利用変化の影響
K. Tanaka, K. Hamasaki, T. Yamanaka, Y. Nakatani, N. Iwasaki, D. Sprague
Entomological Society of Japan   2008   
N. Iwasaki, D. Sprague
Association of Rural Planning   2008   
Factoring in rural demography and land use in GIS-based modeling of Japanese macaque habitat expansion.
D. S. Sprague, N. Iwasaki
American Association of Physical Anthropologists   2008   
Sprague David, Iwasaki Nobusuke
Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology   2008   
Changing rice paddies in changing maps: building a historical GIS of rural Japan
D. Sprague, N. Iwasaki
RGS-IBG Annual International Conference   2008   
The unexpected ruralities of early modern Japan: GIS analysis of Japan
D. Sprague, N. Iwasaki
Historical GIS 2008 Conference   2008   
Common conflicts: Common-lands depicted in historical maps of early Meiji Japan
D. Sprague, N. Iwasaki
Anthropology of Japan in Japan (AJJ)   2008   
Relative importance of within-habitat environment, land use, and spatial autocorrelations for determinating odonate assemblages in rural reservoir ponds in Japan
T. Yamanaka, K. Hamasaki, K. Tanaka, Y. Nakatani, N. Iwasaki, D. Sprague
The Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting   2008   
Contribution of FOSS4G to soil information sharing in Asia
N. Iwasaki, D. Sprague
Monsoon Asia Agro-Environmental Research Consortium (MARCO) Workshop (Tsukuba)   2008   
Developing the historical agro-environment browsing system using FOSS4G
N. Iwasaki, D. Sprague
Free Open Source Software for Geospatial Conference   2008   
N. Iwasaki, D. Sprague
日本地理学会   10 Sep 2007   
In search of the perfect rice paddy: yatsuta rice paddies as icons of rural Japan
D. Sprague, N. Iwasaki
Anthropology of Japan in Japan (AJJ)   2007   
Yatsuta rice paddies: a topographic icon of Japanese rural biodiversity preservation
D. Sprague, N. Iwasaki
American Anthropological Association   2007   
Effect of spatial structure on expansion of wildlife distribution based on a cost distance method using GRASS
N. Iwasaki, D. Sprague
2007 Free And Open Source Software For Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference   2007   
Land use change in peripheral Kanto District, Japan: Koise River Basin, Ibaraki Prefecture
N. Iwasaki, D. Sprague
IGU/LUCC Central Europe Conference 2007   2007   
A simple method for evaluating the relative importance of environmental conditions within habitants and connectivity among habitants in odonate metapopulations
T. Yamanaka, K. Tanaka, K. Hamasaki, N. Iwasaki, D. Sprague
Ecological Society of America   2007   
松原幹, 山極寿一, SPRAGUE David S., 岩崎亘典, BASABOSE Augustin K.
Primate Society of Japan   1 Jul 2006   
Primate Society of Japan   2005   
Iwasaki Nobusuke, SPRAGUE David
Association of Japanese Geographers   27 Mar 2004