Theoretical Physics at Kochi Tech (Zen Ken)

We investigate the mathematical aspects of quantum mechanics with the eyes on its applications in next generation single electron devices.  The quantum graph theory and the quantum holonomy theory are the two pillars of our research.  We also study sociophysics, the  mathematical physics-based theory of sociology that tries to understand  the formation of society-wide decision-making as the physical process of interating individuals.  Our international collaboration includes Galam lab (SciencesPo, France), Adami lab (Politecnico Torino), Italy, Exner lab (Czech Technical U,Czechia) and Seba lab (Hradec Kralove, Czechia).

  Professor,  Taksu Cheon(Takuju Zen), PhD
  Research Associate,  Axel Perez-Obiol, PhD
  Grad Student (D1),  Gulmira Babajanova
  Grad Student (M1),  Akira Okawa
  Guest Researcher,  Ondrej Turek, PhD (Univ Ostrava, Asst Prof)

  Guest Researcher,  Takaaki Nakamura (Kochi Pref Gov. Engineer)

Current Research Interests:
Quantum mechanics on graph, nonlinear Schrodinger equation, quantum holonomy
Sociophysics, opinion dynamics, historical dynamics

Lab Seminars:
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Research Papers:
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Kochi Tech Research Institute  +81-887-53-3803
Kochi Tech Env. Sci.Tech. Dpt.  +81-887-57-2520

We are located inside Kami Campus of Kochi Tech.  See the map & info (here)