Tadashi Shiraishi

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Tadashi Shiraishi
The University of Tokyo
Graduate Schools for Law and Politics
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Published Papers

Procedural Fairness in Japan: Administrative Fines as a Window
Tadashi Shiraishi
D. Daniel Sokol & Andrew T. Guzman (eds.), Antitrust Procedural Fairness (Oxford University Press, 2019)   131-147   Jan 2019   [Invited]
The Exploitative Abuse Prohibition: Activated by Modern Issues
Tadashi Shiraishi
Antitrust Bulletin   62(4) 737-751   Dec 2017   [Refereed][Invited]
Customer Location and the International Reach of National Competition Laws
Tadashi Shiraishi
59 202-215   Feb 2017   [Refereed][Invited]
Patent Assertion Entities and Competition Law in Japan
Tadashi Shiraishi
D. Daniel Sokol (ed.), Patent Assertion Entities and Competition Policy (Cambridge University Press)   162-176   Jan 2017   [Invited]
Commitment decisions in the Japanese context
Tadashi Shiraishi
Note for the 125th meeting of OECD Competition Committee DAF/COMP/WD(2016)54   1-12   Jun 2016   [Invited]
Effects on Domestic Purchasers: A Descriptive Theory for Competition Law in Cross-Border Cases
Tadashi Shiraishi
Philip Lowe & Mel Marquis (eds.), European Competition Law Annual: 2010 - Merger Control in European and Global Perspective (Hart Publishing)   275-285   2013   [Invited]
A Baseline for Analyzing Exploitative Abuse of a Dominant/Superior Position
Tadashi Shiraishi
UT Soft Law Review   (5) 1-7   2013
The Electric Power Industry and Competition Law in Japan
Tadashi Shiraishi
Soft Law Journal   (19) 75-84   Mar 2012

Conference Activities & Talks

The JFTC Decision in Qualcomm [Invited]
Tadashi Shiraishi
17th Annual Japan Law and Economics Association Conference   13 Jul 2019   
We don’t know about us [Invited]
Tadashi Shiraishi
15th Annual IBA Competition Mid-Year Conference   6 Jun 2019   
International Application of Competition Law: From a Trade Conflict Perspective [Invited]
Tadashi Shiraishi
Asia Pacific Law Institute International Conference   31 Oct 2018   Seoul National University
Eight issues on privacy and exploitative abuse [Invited]
Tadashi Shiraishi
Korean Competition Law Association Conference   14 Sep 2018   
The Goal of Prohibiting Exploitative abuse of a Dominant/Superior Position
Tadashi Shiraishi
15th Asian Law Institute Conference   10 May 2018   Asian Law Institute
Exploitative abuse in European and Japanese competition laws [Invited]
Tadashi Shiraishi
Colloque international de Tours   26 Mar 2018   University of Tours
Algorithms and Exploitative Abuse in Competition Law
Tadashi Shiraishi
Legal Regulation of Artificial Intelligence   2 Mar 2018   Peking University / University of Tokyo
Thoughts on Vertical Restraints: Lessons from the American Express Case [Invited]
Tadashi Shiraishi
2016 Taiwan International Conference on Competition Policy / Law   28 Jun 2016   Taiwan Fair Trade Commission
Commitment decisions in the Japanese context [Invited]
Tadashi Shiraishi
OECD Competition Committee Roundtables in June 2016   17 Jun 2016   OECD Competition Committee
International Application of Competition Law
Tadashi Shiraishi
Peking University / University of Tokyo   29 Feb 2016   Peking University / University of Tokyo