Taqayuki Hasegawa

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Taqayuki Hasegawa
Ashikaga University
Liberal Arts Education Center

Research Areas


Published Papers

Peak interval procedures and Poisson distributions(査読付)
Taqayuki Hasegawa
ISST Abstracts   17(1) 17-17   Jun 2019   [Refereed][Invited]
A mathematical model for the analysis of timing behaviors
Taqayuki Hasegawa
   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
Small deviations from the scalar property and carry-over effects
Taqayuki Hasegawa・Shogo Sakata
Journal of Veterinary Science & Technology   7(1)    Jan 2016   [Refereed]
Taqayuki Hasegawa・Shogo Sakata
Journal of Computational Neuroscience   (38) 301-313   Dec 2014   [Refereed]
Cardinalities of MAD families on uncountable regular cardinals
Taqayuki Hasegawa
大阪府立大学      Mar 1992   [Refereed]


Evaluation of Math curricula in the country of origin and Japan for a fuculty of science
Ryozo Sasaki・Taqayuki Hasegawa
Japanese Language Education Method   26(1) 32-33   Sep 2019
Our research target is the preparatory mathematics education programs in Malaysia, whose
students are supposed to enter science and engineering courses in Japanese universities. Students, attending
at such preparatory schools in Malaysia, study ma...
Junko Kase, Taqayuki Hasegawa, Osamu Kawahara, Masahiro Kasatani
(第6号) 1-4   Feb 2019
The purpose of this study is to discuss why students should learn the definition of the determinant. In National Institute of Technology, Toyama College, Hongo Campus, students in the second grade learn matrix, determinant, and related topics in t...
Taqayuki Hasegawa
Time Studies   8 63-64   Dec 2017   [Invited]

Books etc

Mathematics, Models and Zeno’s Paradoxes
Taqayuki Hasegawa (Part:Single Translation)
JAIST   1997   

Conference Activities & Talks

In the analysis of rats’ timing behaviors I used the linear sum of Poisson distribution functions with coefficient without restriction
Taqayuki Hasegawa
The 82nd Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association   25 Sep 2018   the Japanese Psychological Association
Interval timing behavior was affected by circadian rhythm in rats
Shogo Sakata・Takayuki Hasegawa
International Congress of Psychology   Jul 2008   International Congress of Psychology
An analysis of the peak interval procedure in rats: A mathematical/physical approach to time discrimination in the early learning process
Taqayuki Hasegawa・Shogo Sakata
Winter Conference on Animal Learning and Behavior   Feb 2008   
Peak interval procedures and Poisson distributions [Invited]
Taqayuki Hasegawa
ISST   24 Jun 2019   

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
professor, The Ashikaga Institute of Technology
Nov 2010
Cooperation researcher (medicine), System Emotional Science, University of Toyama, Medical School
Oct 2009
Mar 2019
professor, Hongo campus, NIT, Toyama College
Apr 2009
Sep 2009
professor, Toyama National College of Technology
Apr 2000
Mar 2009
Part-time lecturer, Kinki-chiku, Kawai-Juku
Oct 2000
Mar 2007
Part-time lecturer, Mathematics for Nikkan Course, Center for Foreign Students, Kyoto University
Apr 1994
Mar 2007
Part-time lecturer, Mathematics for Natural Science Course, Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Osaka University of Foreign Studies
Apr 2006
Sep 2006
Part-time lecturer, Kyoto University of Education
Apr 2000
Sep 2006
Part-time lecturer, College of Science and Engineering, Ryukoku University
Oct 2000
Mar 2004
Part-time lecturer, Mathematics for Nikkan Course, Center for Foreign Students, Osaka University
Apr 1983
Mar 1994
Part-time lecturer, Science and Mathematics, Hama School
Apr 1990
Mar 1993
Part-time lecturer, Mathematics and Science, Yoyogi Seminar
Oct 1992
Feb 1993
Part-time lecturer, Japanese school, State College, Pennsylvania


〇 System Emotional Science, Doctoral Course, Graduate School of General Life Science, University of Toyama (graduated, Ph. D.)
〇 Behavioral Science, Doctoral course of Graduate School, General Science Department, Hiroshima University (left in midcourse with full credit)
〇 Department of Mathematics, Doctoral course, Graduate School, Pennsylvania State University (left in midcourse)
〇 Information Science (Mathematics), Masters Degree Course, Dept of General Science, Graduate School, University of Osaka Prefecture (graduated)
〇 Department of Mathematics, College of science, Kyoto University (graduated)
〇 Department of Mathematics engineering, College of Engineering, Univeristy of Osaka Prefecture (left in midcourse)
〇 Center for English Language and Orientation Programs, Boston University
〇 Science and Mathematics course, Chiba Prefectural Sawara High School (graduated)
〇 Sawara Junior High School (graduated)
〇 Itako Elementary School (graduated)