Timothy J. Vance

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Timothy J. Vance
Department of Intercultural Communication
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I am originally from Minnesota in the United States. I first came to Japan in 1976 to study Japanese at the Stanford Center. After finishing my Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, I taught at several places all over the United States. I was a visiting researcher at Rikkyo University in 1988-89 and vice-director of the International Exchange Center at Konan University in 2005-06. I moved to the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics in January 2010 and worked there until 2017. I am now professor emeritus. I began teaching at Komatsu University in 2018.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
professor, Department of Intercultural Communication, Komatsu University
Jan 2010
Mar 2017
professor, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics
Jul 2000
Dec 2009
professor, University of Arizona
Jul 1994
Jun 2000
professor, Connecticut College
Jul 1993
Jun 1994
associate professor, Connecticut College

Books etc

Research on Rendaku: Papers from the NINJAL Project
Timothy J. Vance, Emiko Kaneko, and Seiji Watanabe [editors]
Kaitakusha   2017   
Sequential Voicing in Japanese: Papers from the NINJAL Rendaku Project
Timothy J. Vance and Mark Irwin [editors]
John Benjamins   2016   
Laboratory Phonology 6.3 (special issue: Corpus-Based Approaches to the Phonological Analysis of Speech)
Haruo Kubozono, Kikuo Maekawa, and Timothy J. Vance [editors]
De Gruyter Mouton   2015   
Japanese/Korean Linguistics 22
Mikio Giriko, Naonori Nagaya, Akiko Takemura, and Timothy J. Vance [editors]
CSLI   2014   
The Sounds of Japanese
Timothy J. Vance
Cambridge University Press   2008   

Published Papers

The Inexorable Spread of <ou> in Romanized Japanese
Timothy J. Vance
Topics in Theoretical Asian Linguistics, ed. by Kunio Nishiyama, Hideki Kishimoto, and Edith Aldridge   287-301   2018   [Refereed][Invited]
Onset Cy and High Vowel Devoicing in Japanese
Manami Hirayama and Timothy J. Vance
Journal of Japanese Linguistics   34 103-126   2018   [Refereed]
Moras and Syllables
Timothy J. Vance
The Cambridge Handbook of Japanese Linguistics, ed. by Yoko Hasegawa   135-153   2018   [Refereed][Invited]
Cambridge University Press
Rendaku Following a Moraic Nasal
Timothy J. Vance
New Developments in Phonological Research: Papers in Honor of Prof. Haruo Kubozono’s 60th Birthday, ed. by Shinkichi Tanaka et al.   19-39   2017
Rendaku (Sequential Voicing) in Japanese Phonology
Timothy J. Vance
Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Linguistics      2017   [Refereed][Invited]
Oxford University Press (http://linguistics.oxfordre.com/view/10.1093/acrefore/ 9780199384655.001.0001/acrefore-9780199384655-e-280?rskey=qv63bo&result=23)


Book Review: The Phonology of Japanese (Laurence Labrune, Oxford University Press, 2012)
Timothy J. Vance
Lingua   123 168-174   2013
Book Review: Kanji Politics (Nanette Gottlieb, Kegan Paul International, 1995); Literacy and Script Reform in Occupation Japan (J. Marshall Unger, Oxford University Press, 1996)
Timothy J. Vance
Language and Society   28 141-145   1999
Book Review: Phonological Government in Japanese (Shohei Yoshida, Australian National University, 1996)
Timothy J. Vance
Journal of Linguistics   34 558-560   1998
Book Review: Auditory and Acoustic Phonetics (Keith Johnson, Blackwell, 1997)
Timothy J. Vance
Modern Language Journal   83 439-439   1998
Book Review: Sound Symbolism (Leanne Hinton, Johanna Nichols, and John J. Ohala, eds., Cambridge University Press, 1994)
Timothy J. Vance
The Times Higher Education Supplement      Apr 1996
April 12

Conference Activities & Talks

Korean Aspiration, Japanese Voicing, and Emergent Features [Invited]
Timothy J. Vance
25th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference   Oct 2017   
Onset Optimization in Japanese
Timothy J. Vance
12th Phonology Festa   Mar 2017   
The Japanese Syllable Debate: A Skeptical Look at Some Anti-Syllable Arguments [Invited]
Timothy J. Vance
GLOW in Asia XI   Feb 2017   
Onset Cy Clusters in Japanese: Evidence from Vowel Devoicing
Manami Hirayama and Timothy J. Vance
14th Old World Conference in Phonology   Feb 2017   
Toward a Spelling Pronunciation Typology: Examples from Japanese [Invited]
Timothy J. Vance
Phonology Forum 2016   Aug 2016   
Lyman's Law, the OCP, and Prenasalization in Northern Tōhoku Japanese
Timothy J. Vance, Shigeto Kawahara, and Mizuki Miyashita
New Ways of Analysing Variation Asia-Pacific 4   Apr 2016   
The Challenge of Big Numbers for JFL Learners: Pitch-Accent and Phrasing [Invited]
Timothy J. Vance
1st International Symposium on Applied Phonetics   Mar 2016   
Is Spanish Stress Perceived as Japanese Vowel Length?
Timothy J. Vance
Phonetic Society of Japan International Workshop   Jan 2016   
Postnasal Voicing, Japanese Rendaku, and the Naturalness Condition
Timothy J. Vance
13th Old World Conference in Phonology   Jan 2016   
The Old Japanese Rendaku Database and the Strong Version of Lyman’s Law
Timothy J. Vance
Japanese Society for Language Sciences   Jul 2015   


Nov 2017
Invited Lecture: Japanese Spelling Pronunciations
University of Hawai'i (Department of Linguistics Tuesday Seminar)
Oct 2017
Invited Lecture: Why Linguists Obsess about Rendaku
University of Hawai'i Center for Japanese Studies Seminar
Mar 2017
Invited Lecture: Rendaku: A Notoriously Irregular Aspect of the Japanese Language
International House (IUC Lecture Series)
Jan 2017
Invited Lecture: Rendaku (Sequential Voicing) in Japanese Compounds
Osaka Jogakuin University
Jan 2017
Invited Lecture: Compound Words in English and Japanese
Osaka Jogakuin University