Toshihiko Kawagoe

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Toshihiko Kawagoe
Seikei University
Faculty of Economics Department of Economics and Business

Research Areas


Published Papers

The Dawn of English Ocean Trade and Shipping in the 18th Century
Toshihiko Kawagoe
The Journal of the Faculty of Economics, Seikei University   47(2) 85-106   Dec 2016
Changes of Agricultural Land Resources in Developing Coun tries: An Overview
Toshihiko Kawagoe
The Journal of the Faculty of Economics, Seikei University   38(2) 53-88   Mar 2008
A Historical Sketch on Rural Development in Indonesia before 1965: With Special Emphasis on Export Crops
Toshihiko Kawagoe
The Journal of the Faculty of Economics, Seikei University   36(1) 39-61   Oct 2005
Industrial Structure and its Impact on Reginal Income
Toshihiko Kawagoe
The Journal of the Faculty of Economics, Seikei University   33(1) 15-35   Oct 2002
Agricultural Land Reform in Postwar Japan: Experiences and Issues
Toshihiko Kawagoe
Policy Research Working Paper   (2111) 1-54   May 1999
Farmers and Middlemen in a Trasmigration Area in Indonesia
Toshihiko Kawagoe and Yujiro Hayami
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies   25(3) 73-97   Dec 1989   [Refereed]
Interregional Resource Transfer and Economic Growth in Indonesia
Toshihiko Kawagoe
Policy Research Working Paper   (1882) 1-42   Feb 1998
Rural Development, Income Distribution and Poverty Alleviation: A Northeast Asian Perspective.
Toshihiko Kawagoe
AERC Conference on Comparative Development Experiences in Asia and Africa held at Johannesburg on 3 - 6 November 1997      Nov 1997   [Invited]
Postwar Landreform in Japan: An Economic Evaluation
Toshihiko Kawagoe
The Economic Review   46(3) 249-259   Jun 1995   [Refereed][Invited]
Collective Action and Rural Organizations in Peasant Economy in Indonesia
Toshihiko Kawagoe, Kunio Ohkama and A.S. Bagyo
Developing Economies   30(3) 215-235   Sep 1992   [Refereed]
Induced Bias of technical Change in Agriculture: The United States and Japan, 1880-1980
Toshihiko Kawagoe, Yujiro Hayami and Kejiro Otsuka
Journal of Political Economy   94(3) 523-544   Jun 1986   [Refereed]
An Intercountry Comparison of Agricultural Production Efficiency
Toshihiko Kawagoe and Yujiro Hayami
American Journal of agricultural Economics   67(1) 87-92   Feb 1985   [Refereed]
The Intercountry Agricultural Production Function and Productivity among countries
Toshihiko Kawagoe, Yujiro Hayami and V.W. Ruttan
Journal of Development Economics   19 113-132   1985   [Refereed]


Pierre van der Eng (1996), Agricultural Growth in Indonesia: Productivity Change and Policy Impact since 1880, McMillan and St. Martin’s Press, London and New York, pp.xiii + 375. 50.00
Toshihiko Kawagoe
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies   34(1) 141-144   Apr 1998   [Invited]

Books etc

Rural Development and Agricultural Growth in Indoensia, the Phlippines and Thailand ed. by Takamasa Akiyama and Donald F. Larson
Toshihiko Kawagoe (Part:Contributor, 7 Political Economy of Rural Developm ent in Indonesia)
Asia Pacific Press   2004   
Communities and Markets in Economic Develpment ed. by Masahiko Aoki and Yujiro Hayami
Yujiro Hayami and Toshihiko Kawagoe (Part:Contributor, 5. Middlemen in a Peasant Community: Vegetable Marketing in Indonesia)
Oxford University Press   2001   
East Asian Economies: Transformation and Challenges ed. by Toshihiko Kawagoe and Sueo Sekiguchi
Toshihiko Kawagoe and Sueo Sekiguchi (Part:Joint Editor)
ISEAS   1995   
Agricultural Commercialization, Development and Nutrition, ed. by Joachim vonBraun and Eileen Kennedy
Toshihiko Kawagoe (Part:Contributor, Income and Employment Generation from agricultural Processing and Marketing at the Village Level: A Study in Upland Java, Indonesia)
Johns Hopkins University Press   1994   
Japanese Experiences of Economic Reform ed. by J. Teranishi and Y. Kosai
Toshihiko Kawagoe (Part:Contributor, Dergulation and Protectionisim in Japanese Agriculture)
macMillan   1993   
The Agrarian Origin of Commerce and Industry: a Study of Peasant Marketing in Indonesia
Yujiro Hayami and Toshihiko Kawagoe (Part:Joint Work)
MacMillan   1993   
The Agricultural Development of Japan: A Century’s Perspective
Yujiro Hayami, Saburo Yamada, Masakatsu Akino, Le Thanh Ngiep, Toshihiko Kawagoe and MasayoshiHonma (Part:Joint Work)
University of Tokyo Press   1991   

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