Ueda Akira

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Ueda Akira

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TADANO Sachie, AKATA Naofumi, KANAI Yutaka, UEDA Akira, YANAGISAWA Fumitaka
RADIOISOTOPES   63(4) 183-189   2014
We analyzed the sulfur isotope ratio(δ34S) of sulfate in aerosols collected at Naha, Japan. The results are summarized as follows:・Sea salt particles contributed to the aerosol mass concentrations.・Volatile organic sulfur oxides from the sea were ...
Okakita Nagasa, Jing Zhang, Ueda Akira
Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan   60(0)    2013
KUNIEDA Makoto, UEDA Akira, MATSUOKA Toshifumi, OKATSU Komei, FUKUNAKA Yasuhiro
J. Geogr.   121(1) 31-38   Feb 2012
 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is used to increase the production of oil from geological reservoirs. EOR technology often involves injecting water into rock formations to recover oil remaining in rock pores. Therefore, an evaluation of the wettabili...
YOO Seung-Youl, UEDA Akira, MITO Yoshitada, MATSUOKA Toshifumi
journal of the Japan Society for Testing Materials   61(3) 253-258   2012
Two types of flow experiments using columns packed with rock fragment and glass beads were performed to examine the deposition and clogging phenomena at high temperatures (180°C at Ogachi HDR site and 70°C at Matsushiro hot spring, respectively) d...
Ozawa Akiko, Ueda Akira, Yoshida Yutaka, Kusakabe Minoru, Ohba Takeshi, Fantong Y. Wilson, Tanyileke Greg, Hell V. Joseph
Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan   59(0)    2012