KUDO Yoshiko

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KUDO Yoshiko
Health Sciences University of Hokkaido
School of Nursing and Social Services, Department of Nursing
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Apr 1993
Health sciences university of Hokkaido
Associate,Faculty of social work Japan
college of social work


Graduate School, Division of Nursing, Chiba University
Faculty of Nursing, Chiba University

Published Papers

日本在宅ケア学会誌   21(2) 8-12   Mar 2018   [Invited]
表山知里, 工藤禎子
6(1) 37‐46(J‐STAGE)-46   Apr 2017   [Refereed]
目的:work-life balance(以下、WLB)への自己評価が高い中堅期保健師におけるWLBに関する認識、行動を明らかにし、WLBを良好に保つための示唆を得る。方法:中堅期保健師へ無記名自記式質問紙による郵送調査を行った。WLBへの自己評価高値群において自由記載のあった全59件を質的帰納的に分析した。結果:WLBに関する認識は、自分のWLBを組み立てる。仕事と生活のメリハリをつける、「今」のライフステージにおけるWLBを受け入れる。まわりの協力でWLBが成り立つ、充実感を糧にする、...
太田眞智子, 工藤禎子
Journal of Japan Academy of Home Care   18(1) 60-67   Sep 2014   [Refereed]
厚生の指標   60(3) 23-29   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
北海道医療大学看護福祉学部学会誌   9(1) 43-53   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Reasons for the Creation of New Social Networks by the Elderly after Relocation
Yoshiko Kudo,Kazuko Saeki
Health   5(12A) 31-38   2013   [Refereed]
Yoshiko Kudo,Kazuko Saeki
Journal of Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing   17(1) 37-45   Nov 2012   [Refereed]
KUDO Yoshiko, TAKEU Reiko, KAWAZOE Eriko, WAKAYAMA Yoshimi, SATO Miyuki, AKENO Seiko
Journal of School of Nursing and Social Services, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido   8(1) 31-38   Mar 2012   [Refereed]
[Purpose] The purpose of this research is to clarify effective methods of promoting Caravan-Mate-Volunteer project that was based on the national project called One-Million-Dementia-Caravan-Promotion. The registered volunteers participate in vario...
Takeu Reiko, Kudo Yoshiko, Wakayama Yoshimi, Kuwabara Yumi, Akeno Seiko, Sato Miyuki, Kawazoe Eriko
Journal of Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing   13(2) 23-30   2011   [Refereed]
Object : Caravanmate workers (CMWs) are nationally registered professionals who are responsible for helping community people understand and improve community life for those with dementia. This study investigated the frequency, types, and effective...
竹生 礼子, 工藤 禎子, 若山 好美
Journal of Japan Academy of Home Care   13(2) 67-76   Feb 2010   [Refereed]
若山 好美, 工藤 禎子, 竹生 礼子
Journal of Japan Academy of Home Care   13(2) 34-41   Feb 2010   [Refereed]
Akeno Seiko, Sawada Azusa, Kudo Yoshiko, Takeu Reiko, Sato Miyuki
Journal of Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing   13(1) 83-90   2010   [Refereed]
Purpose : The purpose of the present study was to clarify factors related to mothers' perceptions of fathers' support for 18-month-old infants. Methods : The subjects were 323 mothers with 18-month-old infants who were undergoing a scheduled healt...
SAWADA Azusa, AKENO Seiko, YOSHIMORI Yuuka, KUDO Yoshiko
Journal of School of Nursing and Social Services, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido   5(1) 13-21   2009   [Refereed]
The present study was conducted in order to clarify correlations between child care happiness of mothers whose children was 1 year and 6 months old and fathers' working and child care hours. Questionnaires were handed to 122 mothers who came to he...
工藤 禎子
Japanese journal of gerontology   29(4) 553-560   2008   [Invited]
Yoshiko Kudo,Kumi Mikuni,Yumi Kuwabara,Tomoko Morita,Reiko Yasuda
Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing   8(2) 14-20   Mar 2006   [Refereed]
The Preparation and Self-Evaluation of Elderly Individuals Requiring Assistance or Care Who Moved in order tp be with or Closer to Their Children
Eriko Kwazoe,Yoshiko Kudo
Journal of Japan Academy of Home Care   10(1) 39-47   2006   [Refereed]
Journal of Japanese Society of Nursing Research   26(4) 31-43   Sep 2003   [Refereed]
Effectiveness of anActivity Program Involving Community Participation for Homebound Elderly Peoplr
Yoshiko Kudo,Mayumi Takatori,Toru Fujiwara,Tomoyo Miyama,Kumi Mikuni,Yumi Kuwabara
16 21-36   2000   [Refereed][Invited]
Mikuni Kumi, Kudo Yoshiko, Kuwabara Yumi, Miyama Tomoyo
Journal of Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing   1(1) 24-29   Mar 1999   [Refereed]
The purpose of this study was to clarify the factors related to the level of satisfaction by parents concerning municipal health checkups for 18 months children. Questionnaires were given to 362 residents of City A in Hokkaido who had accompanied ...
MIYAMA Tomoyo, MIKUNI Kumi, KUBO Yoshiko, MARUYAMA Ryoko
Japanese journal of public health   44(6) 481-487   Jun 1997   [Refereed]
Basic Research about Observation of the Decline process of the Residents in a Nursing Home
KUDO Yoshiko
Graduate School of Nursing,Chiba UniversityChiba University      Dec 1986   [Refereed]


selfhelp and social-capital for preparations of disasters
KUDO Yoshiko
Communitycare   19(13) 123-129   Nov 2017   [Invited]
地域ケアリング   18(4) 78-83   Apr 2016   [Invited]
老年社会科学   37(1) 36-41   Apr 2015   [Invited]
北海道医療大学看護福祉学部紀要   (19) 51-57   Dec 2012
工藤禎子, 竹生礼子, 川添恵理子, 若山好美, 佐藤美由紀, 桑原ゆみ, 明野聖子
北海道医療大学看護福祉学部紀要   (18) 9-16   Dec 2011   [Refereed]
Journal of nursing and social services   13 11-16   2006
The present study was conducted in order to clarify life satisfaction of elderly individuals requiring assistance or care who moved to city A or rural town B. Interviews were conducted on 81 elderly individuals in A city and 31 elderly individuals...
KUDO Yoshiko
Journal of nursing and social services   12 53-60   Dec 2005
Effectiveness of an Activity Program Involving Community Partici pation for Homebound Elderly People
Annual Report of Gerontological Research   (16) 21-36   2000
Going out behavior of elderly people living alone in cold Rural Arears
The Japanese Journal for Public Health Nurse   55(6) 506-513   1999
Concepts and Development of Haalth Promotion
The Japanese Journal of Nursing Research   30(3) 3-12   1997
Seasonal Variations in the Hospitalization of Aged People Living in Cold Rural Arears
Journal of Nursing and Social Services   (3) 39-44   1996
Oral Health for Aged Handicapped People -Comparison between People Below and Above 70 years old-
Journal of Nursing and Social Services   (3) 147-152   1996
A study of outpatient behavior among elderly people in a cold rural area - The annual continuity of medical service use seen in date from health insurance records-
The Oral Health and Eating Qualities Among the Frail Elderly
Jornal of Nursing and Social Services   (2) 67-79   1995
Health Status of Family Caregivers in Terminal Stage of Elderly People with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
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Development of the Health in Living for the Demented Elderly Scale
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The Long-Term Care for People with dementia
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"Bed-ridden and Bed-bound"and ADL as Their Assessment
The Japanese Journal of Nursing Research   25(4) 15-24   1992
Assessment of the Profiles of Short-Term Senile Dementia Patients
SOCIAL GERONTOLOGY   34,67-6    1991
DENMARK, Health care and Social Service System for Elderly
The Japan College of Social Work(ED)   11-34    1991
The Declining Process of Elderly in Nursing-home : A Five-year Follow-up Study
SOCIAL GERONTOLOGY   33,68-80    1991
Kudo Sadako, Nakajima Kieko
Annual report of the Institute for Social Work, Japan College of Social Work   27 139-166   1991
Nakajima Kieko, Kudo Yoshiko, Nishimoto Noriyoshi
Annual report of the Institute for Social Work, Japan College of Social Work   26 219-253   Dec 1990

Books etc

Problems of Long-Term Care for Demented Elderly, -Care for residents in early days-
Issues on Development and Innovation in Social Work   1990   

Conference Activities & Talks

日本在宅ケア学会学術集会講演集   20 Jun 2018   
田中裕子, 工藤禎子, 若山好美, 表山知里, 青柳道子, 太田眞智子, 佐藤美由紀
日本在宅ケア学会学術集会講演集   15 Jul 2017   
表山知里, 工藤禎子, 田中裕子, 若山好美, 青柳道子, 太田眞智子, 佐藤美由紀, 鈴木英樹, 浅野葉子, 朝日まどか
日本在宅ケア学会学術集会講演集   15 Jul 2017   
鈴木英樹, 浅野葉子, 朝日まどか, 田中裕子, 工藤禎子
日本在宅ケア学会学術集会講演集   15 Jul 2017   
日本在宅ケア学会学術集会講演集   15 Jul 2017   
日本老年看護学会学術集会抄録集   1 Jun 2017   
保健師教育における学生のミニマム・リクワイアメンツの自己評価 実習内容別にみた達成度の特徴
工藤 禎子, 明野 聖子, 田中 裕子, 萬 美奈子
北海道公衆衛生学雑誌   Oct 2016   
佐藤明子, 工藤禎子
日本在宅ケア学会学術集会講演集   Jul 2015   
高島理沙, 工藤禎子, 佐伯和子
北海道作業療法   1 Sep 2012   
佐藤美由紀, 若山好美, 工藤禎子
日本地域看護学会学術集会講演集   Jun 2012   
高島理沙, 工藤禎子, 佐伯和子
日本作業療法学会抄録集(CD-ROM)   2012   
工藤禎子, 佐伯和子, 高島理沙
日本老年看護学会学術集会抄録集   10 Jun 2011   
竹生礼子, 工藤禎子, 川添恵理子, 若山好美, 佐藤美由紀, 明野聖子, 桑原ゆみ
日本老年看護学会学術集会抄録集   10 Jun 2011   
A Study of Care for Terminal ill People with Dementia and caregivers
KUDO Yoshiko
Second International Nursing Research Conference in Kobe   Sep 1995   
Development of an Assessment Tool of Day Care Effect for Dementted Elderly
KUDO Yoshiko
First International Research Conference in Tokyo   Oct 1992   The Japan Academy of Nursing Science

Association Memberships



A survey on Care for Terminally Ill people with Dementia and Their Care givers
1991 - 1993
A survey on hospitalization of Elderly Patients in a rural district

Research Grants & Projects

Community Health Care for Elderly people
Health Behavior
Prevention of homebound
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(C))
Project Year: 2002 - 2005    Investigator(s): Yoshiko KIDO
The purpose of the present study was to clarify related to adaptation among relocated elderly community residents and care system. In 2003,the difficulties and coping for relocated elderly in the activity of district welfare commissioners were cla...