Kiyomi Tanno

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Kiyomi Tanno
National Hospital Organization,Tokyo Medical Center
Center for Statistics and Information

Published Papers

Tanno K, Bito S, Isobe Y, Takagi Y
Journal of nursing measurement   24(1) E44-54   2016   [Refereed]
Tanno Kiyomi, Takagi Yasuo
Journal of the Japan Society for Healthcare Administration   52(4) 189-199   Oct 2015
In proceeding with treatment, it is essential to make decisions using a patient care decision-making process that is satisfactory to the patients. Recently, the concept "patient satisfaction" has been widely adopted. However, to measure "satisfact...
丹野 清美, 尾藤 誠司, 高木 安雄
医療の質・安全学会誌   9(2) 107-118   Apr 2014


難病患者の期待や思いを測るPRO SEIQoLから選択を測る意思決定支援尺度(日本語版DRS)まで
丹野 清美
日本難病看護学会誌   23(1) 9-9   Jul 2018
Kotaro Ohashi, Hideaki Hayashi, Kazunori Yamaguchi, Kiyomi Tanno
社会と統計 = The journal of statistics for society : 立教大学社会情報教育研究センター研究紀要   (3) 17-26   Feb 2017
Kotaro Ohashi, Takaaki Ohkawauchi, Tsuyoshi Onodera, Kiyomi Tanno, Kazunori Yamaguchi
社会と統計 = The journal of statistics for society : 立教大学社会情報教育研究センター研究紀要   (2) 15-22   Feb 2016
診療プロセスにおける患者の意思決定のRegretと患者要因の関係 子宮・卵巣・子宮附属器悪性腫瘍、子宮頸部異形成患者における過去起点コホート研究
丹野 清美, 高木 安雄
日本医療・病院管理学会誌   52(Suppl.) 164-164   Oct 2015
Kazunori Yamaguchi, Takaaki Ohkawauchi, Kotaro Ohashi, Kiyomi Tanno
社会と統計 = The journal of statistics for society : 立教大学社会情報教育研究センター研究紀要   (1) 31-38   Mar 2015

Conference Activities & Talks

The Relationship Between Regret In Patient Decision-Making During the Clinical Process and Patient Factors-Tests Based on the Japanese Version of the Decision Regret Scale(DRS)—
Kiyomi Tanno, Seiji Bito
ISPOR 7th Asia-Pacific Conference   4 Sep 2016   
The relationship of decision regret and patient factors
Kiyomi Tanno
IMPS2016   12 Jul 2016