Atsushi HISA

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Atsushi HISA
Kansai University
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Memory of the Past and its Utility: Nation, State, Society and Identity: Supplement
Atsushi HISA (Part:Contributor, The Transformation of the Roman Magistrateship from the Later Third Century to the Early Second Century B.C. (pp. 1-12))
Scienze e Lettere   Mar 2016   ISBN:9788866870890
比佐 篤
晃洋書房   Apr 2006   ISBN:4771016984
入江 幸二, 大城 道則, 比佐 篤, 梁川 洋子 (Part:Joint Editor)
晃洋書房   Apr 2006   ISBN:4771017204

Published Papers

比佐 篤
西洋史研究   (45) 78-95   Oct 2016
The Formation and Significance of Legatus in the Roman Republic
Atsushi HISA
Annals of the Society of Historians: Rekishikakyoukai Nenpou   (9) 18-31   Mar 2014
HISA Atsushi
Journal of Poole Gakuin University   (52) 107-117   Dec 2012
The purpose of this paper is to illustrate a teaching method using answer sheet in college course. This answer sheet is consist of two columns, each of which is composed 15x7 grid. It is designed so that students will have to pay attention in clas...
Coin image and Roman republican politics
(31) 1-21   Nov 2010
HISA Atsushi
Ritsumeikan studies in language and culture   20(4) 163-172   Mar 2009
Hisa Atsushi
関学西洋史論集   (28) 47-55   Mar 2005
Tribunus plebis in the mid-republican Rome
The annual report of the ancient history   (3) 16-23   Mar 2005
Hisa Atsushi
Historical & geographical studies in Kansai University   (98) 19-35   Jul 2003
HISA Atsushi
Cultura antiqua   53(10) 33-45,64   2001   [Refereed]