Atsushi Kawauchi

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Atsushi Kawauchi
Tohoku University
International Research Institute of Disaster Science Human and Social Response Research Division

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Published Papers

Atsushi Kawauchi
64(9) 377-381   Sep 2014   [Refereed][Invited]
We investigated issues and perspectives on the earthquake disaster material and archives related to the Great East Japan Earthquake. Local governments in the stricken areas have a keenly interest in preservation of materials for disaster preventio...


Current State and Future Prospect of Historical Materials concerning Natural Disasters in Areas Affected by Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake : On Both Private Sources and Administrative Documents
Atsushi Kawauchi
The Bulletin of the Japamese Historical Councill   (32) 24-38   Mar 2017   [Invited]
Book Reviews:OKUMURA Hiroshi,Great Earthquakes and Preservation of Historical Sources,and Two Other Books( the National Museum of Japanese History and the Historical Science Society of Japan)
Journal of Historical Studies   (903) 21-25   Mar 2013   [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

Regional Identity Buried under Rubble: Rescuing History from Natural Disasters [Invited]
Atsushi Kawauchi
The Institute of Asian Cultural Studies Symposium "What’s Next for Tohoku?:The Future of “Reconstruction” and “Relief”"   8 Dec 2012