Atsushi Ota

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Atsushi Ota
Keio University
Faculty of Economics
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Published Papers

Tropical Products Out, British Cotton In: Trade in the Dutch Outer Islands Ports, 1846-69.
Atsushi Ota
Southeast Asian Studie   2(3) 499-526   2013   [Refereed]
Raja Akil and Maritime Migrants in West Kalimantan, c. 1780-1850,
Atsushi Ota
Hiroshima Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities   10 45-62   2012
Maritime Violence and Colonial State Formation in Nineteenth-Century West Malay Waters: Historiography and New Perspectives.
Atsushi Ota
Asia-Pacific Forum   51 1-26   2011   [Refereed]
Stateless Sea People and Empires: Struggle for Network-making in the Melaka Strait Region, 1820-1840.
Atsushi Ota
Global History and Maritime Asia Working Paper   17 57-72   2010
Pirates or Entrepreneurs? Migration and Trade of Sea People in Southwest Kalimantan, c. 1770-1820.
Atsushi Ota
Indonesia   90 67-96   2010   [Refereed]
‘Illicit Trade’ in South Sumatra: Local Society’s Response to Trade Expansion, c. 1760-1800
Atsushi Ota
Taiwan Journal of Southeast Asian Studies   6(2) 3-42   2009   [Refereed]
Cooperation, Compromise, and Network-making: State-Society Relationship in the Sultanate of Banten, 1750-1808
Atsushi Ota
37 137-165   2008   [Refereed]
Banten Rebellion of 1750-1752: Factors behind Mass Mobilization.
Atsushi Ota
Modern Asian Studies   3(3) 613-652   2003   [Refereed]
Traditional’ versus ‘Modern’ Administrative Concepts: Dutch Intervention and its Results in Rural Banten, c.1760-90
Atsushi Ota
Itinerario   27(2) 61-85-85   2003   [Refereed]

Books etc

In the Name of the Battle against Piracy: Ideas and Practices in State Monopoly of Maritime Violence in Europe and Asia in the Period of Transition
Atsushi Ota (Part:Editor)
The Sea in History, Vol. 3: The Early Modern World.
Atsushi Ota (Part:Contributor, "Transformation of the Maritime world in the Indonesian Archipelago, 1500-1800")
Boydell & Brewer   2017   
Hinterlands and Commodities: Place, Space and Time: Asian Hinterlands and Political Economic Development in the Long Eighteenth Century
Atsushi Ota (Part:Contributor, "Toward a Transborder, Market-Oriented Society: Changing Hinterlands of Banten, c. 1760-1800")
Brill   2014   
Elusive Pirates, Pervasive Smugglers: Violence and Clandestine Trade in the Greater China Seas
Atsushi Ota (Part:Contributor, "The Business of Violence: Piracy around Riau, Lingga, and Singpore, 1820-40")
Hong Kong University Press   2010   
The Encyclopedia of Indonesia in the Pacific War
Atsushi Ota (Part:Contributor, "Japanese Memory of the Wartime Occupation of Indonesia")
Brill   2010   
Islam in Contention: Rethinking Islam and State in Indonesia
Atsushi Ota (Part:Joint Editor, "Orthodoxy and Reconciliation: Islamic Strategies in the Kingdom of Banten, c. 1520-1813")
Wahid Institute   2010   
Changes of Regime and Social Dynamics in West Java: Society, State, and the Outer World of Banten, 1750-1830
Atsushi Ota
Brill   2006   

Conference Activities & Talks

Continuing Trade, Changing States: Reconsideration of the Transitions in Maritime Southeast Asia, 1750-1870
Atsushi Ota
Global History and Hybrid Political Economy in Early Modern Eurasia, c. 1550-1850   21 Apr 2018   
Role of State and Non-State Networks in Early-Modern Southeast Asian Trade
Atsushi Ota
International Workshop on Emerging States in Global Economic History (2)   26 Mar 2018   
Trade, Agricultural, and Climatological Data from Netherlands East Indies
Atsushi Ota
The Hydrosphere and Socioeconomics in Modern Asia: Exploring a New Regional History Using a Database and Spatial Analysis   3 Feb 2018   
Voice of History, Competition of Tradition: Oral Sources and History (Re)creation Movements in West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Atsushi Ota
GHC Seminar “Sources in Global History   27 Jan 2017   
Development of Cash-crop Production in Colonial Minahasa: Non-Plantation Cultivation of Coffee
Atsushi Ota
Maritime Worlds Around The China Seas: Emporiums, Connections and Dynamics   31 Aug 2016