Toshihiko Abe

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Toshihiko Abe
Waseda University
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KOBAYASHI Shigeo, KAKUDATE Masahide, ABE Toshihiko
AIJ Journal of Technology and Design   24(58) 1097-1100   2018   [Refereed]
<p>A lighting social experiment was conducted to create continuous and inherent streetscape including open spaces caused by the earthquake disaster, to visualize evacuation routes at night and to restore the appearance of Youkamachi in Kesennuma C...
KOBAYASHI Shigeo, KAKUDATE Masahide, ABE Toshihiko
Aij Journal of TECHNOLOGY and Design   24(56) 363-366   2018   [Refereed]
This lighting environment project simultaneously proposes that the unique landscape of the coastal area can be perceived and that residents can evacuate promptly when a disaster occurs at night. Lighting social experiments were carried out for one...
Abe Toshihiko, Satoh Shigeru, Okada Akito
This research developed GIS Database that could be accumulated information concerned with living environment, which contributed to disaster prevention and mitigation in urban crowded area for imminent Tokyo metropolitan earthquake, and verified us...
ABE Toshihiko, FUJIOKA Makoto, SATOH Shigeru
Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)   82(735) 1221-1230   2017   [Refereed]
&nbsp;Over 5 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011. In many tsunami-affected municipalities, the reconstruction of infrastructure such as roads, ports, seawalls, or the preparation of tsunami-safe, raised buildi...
ABE Toshihiko, YAMAZAKI Yusuke, MAKINO Sota, WASHIDA Masaya, SATOH Shigeru
AIJ Journal of Technology and Design   22(50) 325-330   2016   [Refereed]
The Post-disaster Community-training is training for inhabitants by simulating the reconstruction process assumed the suffering image of the Tokyo Metropolitan Earthquake that will strike in near future. Besides, it is also important to consider m...
Abe Toshihiko
Journal of architecture and building science   129(1665) 46-47   Dec 2014
Source of Resilience in the Urban Form of Naiwan area in Kesennuma
Toshihiko Abe
ISUF 21st International Seminar on Urban Form 2014 Conference,      Jul 2014   [Refereed]
阿部俊彦, 小野田理奈, JEON Song‐Yi, 足立祐未, ZHANG Xiaofei, 佐藤滋
日本建築学会大会学術講演梗概集・建築デザイン発表梗概集(CD-ROM)   2012 ROMBUNNO.14013   Jul 2012
阿部俊彦, 瀬部浩司, 大橋清和, 岡田昭人, 佐藤滋
日本建築学会学術講演梗概集F-1 都市計画 建築社会システム   2011 1119-1120   Jul 2011
阿部俊彦, 岡田昭人, 佐藤滋
日本建築学会学術講演梗概集E-1 建築計画1   2010 45-48   Jul 2010


MAKINO Souta, SATO Shigeru, ABE Toshihiko
Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting   2015(0) 249-250   Sep 2015
Adachi YUMI, Shiraki RIEKO, Abe TOSHIHIKO, Satoh SHIGERU, Sekiya YURI
Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting   2013(0) 235-236   Aug 2013
Abe TOSHIHIKO, Shiraki RIEKO, Adachi YUMI, Satoh SHIGERU, Sekiya YURI
Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting   2013(0) 233-234   Aug 2013
Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting   2013(0) 341-342   Aug 2013
SUGANO Keisuke
Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting   2013(0) 339-340   Aug 2013

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