Akai OHI

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Akai OHI
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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Books etc

The Political Thought of Harold. J Laski
Akai OHI
Mar 2019   


Two Kinds of Conservatives in Japanese Politics and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Tactics to Cope with Them
Akai OHI
Asia Pacific Bulletin, East-West Center, Washington, DC   (No. 449)    Dec 2018

Conference Activities & Talks

The Political Confrontation in Japanese Politics since the 1990s: The Dynamism between the “Conventional Conservative” and the “Reformative Conservative”
Akai OHI
Korean Political Science Association   8 Dec 2018   
“The Politics of Reform”: A Guide to Understanding Contemporary Japanese Political Confrontation
Akai OHI
New Voices from Japan   Sep 2018   
‘Harold Laski: the Public Intellectual’
Akai OHI
The 4th London Summer School in Intellectual History   Sep 2015   


Feb 2017   Peter Kuznick, ‘The Tragedy of Barack Obama’
Mar 2011   Ruth Scurr, ‘The concept of democracy in the French Revolution: the contrasting contributions of the abbé Sieyès and Maximilien Robespierre’