Akihiro Eguchi

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Akihiro Eguchi
Oxford Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence
PhD(Oxford University)


Sep 2012
Department of Experimental Psychology, Division of Medical Science, University of Oxford
Sep 2009
May 2012
Department of Psychology, College of Fine Arts and Science, University of Arkansas
Sep 2008
May 2011
Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering, University of Arkansas

Published Papers

Akihiro Eguchi; James Isbister; Nasir Ahmad; Simon Stringer
Psychological Review      2018   [Refereed]
We present a hierarchical neural network model, in which subpopulations of neurons develop fixed and regularly repeating temporal chains of spikes (polychronization), which respond specifically to randomised Poisson spike trains representing the i...
Akihiro Eguchi, Samuel A. Neymotin, Greg D. Horwitz, Thomas D. Albright
   2017   [Refereed]
Thomas Minot, Hannah L. Dury, Akihiro Eguchi, Glyn W. Humphreys, Simon M. Stringer
Psychological Review   124(2) 154-167   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Eguchi A, Stringer SM, Neurobiology of learning, memory, vol. 136, pp. 147-165
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory   136 147-165   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Eguchi A, Stringer SM, Neurobiology of learning and memory, 2016, vol. 136, pp. 147-165, 2016
Eguchi A, Humphreys GW, Stringer SM, Psychological review, vol. 123, no. 6, pp. 696-739
Psychological Review   123(6) 696-739   Nov 2016   [Refereed]
Eguchi A, Humphreys GW, Stringer SM, Psychological review, 2016, vol. 123, no. 6, pp. 696-739, 2016

Books etc

Wisdom Web of Things
Akihiro Eguchi (Part:Contributor)
2016   ISBN:978-3-319-44196-2
Computers are getting smaller, cheaper, faster, with lower power requirements, more memory capacity, better connectivity, and are increasingly distributed. Accordingly, smartphones became more of a commodity worldwide, and the use of smartphones a...

Conference Activities & Talks

Computational modeling of the development of detailed facial representations along ventral pathway
Akihiro Eguchi
Twenty Third Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS2014   26 Aug 2014