Kawai Akira

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Kawai Akira
Alternative names
Weihua Sun
Shiga University
Faculty of Data science
Job title
Associate Professor
Bachelor(Osaka University), Master (Information Science)(Osaka University), Ph.D (Information Science)(Osaka University)


He received his B.E., M.E., and Ph.D degrees in information and computer sciences from Osaka University in 2003, 2005, and 2008, respectively. He was an Assistant Professor at Nara Institute of Science and Technology from 2008 to 2013 and at Osaka University Cybermedia center from 2013 to 2014. He is currently an associate professor of Shiga University. His research areas include vehicular communication and mobile computing. He is a member of IPSJ, IEICE and IEEE/CS.

Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Jul 2018
A Method for Navigating Cars in Multilevel Parking Facility, IPSJ/IEEE-CS Young Computer Researcher Award, IEEE / IPSJ Joint
Winner: Weihua Sun, Naoki Shibata, Masahiro Kenmotsu, Keiichi Yasumoto, Minoru Ito
In this paper, we focus on multilevel parking facilities and propose a navigation system that minimizes the time required for cars to find vacant parking spaces. Parking zones at large parking facilities provide drivers conditions to drivers due t...
Feb 2018
Approach traffic congestion problems, Outstanding Research Achievement and Contribution to IC-LYCS 2018 Invited Presentation., Asia Pacific Society for Computing and Information Technology
Winner: Akira Kawai

Published Papers

Weihua Sun, Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Shinji Kusumoto
47(7) 2141-2150   Jul 2006   [Refereed]
Weihua Sun, Junya Fukumoto, Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Shinji Kusumoto, and Teruo Higashino
IPSJ Journal of Information Processing   16 27-37   Jun 2008   [Refereed]
Yudai Nunokawa, Weihua Sun, Keiichi Yasumoto, Minoru Ito
52(2) 829-838   Feb 2011   [Refereed]
Kazuya Kotani, Weihua Sun, Tomoya Kitani, Naoki Shibata, Keiichi Yasumoto, Minoru Ito
52(6) 1980-1992   Jun 2011   [Refereed]
Yu Takamatsu, Weihua Sun, Yukiko Yamauchi, Keiichi Yasumoto and Minoru Ito
Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering   73 324-329   2012   [Refereed]

Books etc

Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Weihua Sun, Teruo Higashino (Part:Joint Work)
IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge   May 2010   ISBN:978-1-61520-913-2
Akira Kawai, Takaaki Umedu, Masayoshi Takayanagi, Osamu Ichikawa (Part:Joint Work, Session 2.5, 3.2-3.3, 4.2-4.3, 5.2-5.4, 6, 7)
Gakujutsu tosho shuppan-sha co., ltd.   Nov 2018   ISBN:9784780607031

Conference Activities & Talks

A Study on Performance Evaluation of Real-time Data Transmission on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Weihua Sun, Hirozumi Yamaguchi and Shinji Kusumoto
the 2006 International Workshop on Future Mobile and Ubiquitous Information Technologies   10 May 2006   
GVGrid: A QoS Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Weihua Sun, Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Koji Yukimasa and Shinji Kusumoto
the 14th IEEE International Workshop on Quality of Service (IWQoS'2006)   19 Jun 2006   
Range-based Localization for Estimating Pedestrian Trajectory in Intersection with Roadside Anchors
Weihua Sun, Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Keiichi Yasumoto and Minoru Ito
the First IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC2009)   28 Oct 2009   
Inter-Vehicle Communication Protocol for Cooperatively Capturing and Sharing Intersection Video
Kazuya Kotani, Weihua Sun, Tomoya Kitani, Naoki Shibata, Keiichi Yasumoto and Minoru Ito
2nd IEEE Intelligent Vehicular Communications System Workshop (IVCS'2010)   9 Jan 2010   
A Method for Improving Data Delivery Efficiency in Delay Tolerant VANET with Scheduled Routes of Cars
Masato Nakamura, Tomoya Kitani, Weihua Sun, Naoki Shibata, Keiichi Yasumoto and Minoru Ito
2nd IEEE Intelligent Vehicular Communications System Workshop (IVCS'2010)   9 Jan 2010