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Professor, Division of International Affairs, Kansai University
Human Studies and Sciences Ph.D.(Sep, 2000, Kyoto University)
Ph.D. (Japanese Studies)(Sep, 2012, University of Canterbury (NZ))

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Alex Bennett
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Born in 1970 in Christchurch, New Zealand, Alex Bennett received a doctoral degree from Kyoto University in 2001, and another from the University of Canterbury in 2012. After working at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, and then Teikyo University's Department of Japanese Culture, he is now employed as a Professor at Kansai University where he lectures on Japanese history and culture. From 2023, Alex was also appointed Director of the International Budo University's Budo and Sports Research Institute. Alex currently serves as Vice President of the International Naginata Federation, All Japan Kendo Federation International Committee, All Japan Jukendo Federation International Committee, Director of the Japanese Academy of Budo, and represents NZ Kendo as a Board Director and delegation leader of the national team. He founded and is Editor-in-Chief of Kendo World, the world’s first English language journal dedicated to Kendo, and holds the ranks of Kendo Kyoshi 7-dan, Iaido 6-dan, Naginata 5-dan, Jukendo Renshi 6-dan, Tankendo Renshi 6-dan. Alex also studies the classical martial arts of Tendo-ryu and Jikishin Kage-ryu. He has competed successfully at international competitions for Naginata and Kendo, and established the Seitokenyukai club in Christchurch. He lives in Kyoto.

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